When Someone You Love is Trapped in Addiction

When Someone You Love is Trapped in Addiction

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When Someone You Love is Trapped in Addiction

Your loved one has given into the temptation of addiction. You saw the warning signs, watched his behavior change, and now he is a different person. It’s getting harder and harder to find the person that you once knew, to find a reason to still love him because the addiction gets in the way. You’ve watched him burn all his bridges and he’s going out of control. You want to help him, but you don’t know which way to turn., When Someone You Love is Trapped in Addiction

Rehabilitation is the Answer
You need an inpatient treatment facility like the Morningside Recovery Center. However, the first challenge is getting your loved one to admit that he has a problem. You’ve heard that old saying, “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” The same holds true when it comes to treatment for addiction. Sit down and have a heart to heart with the one you love. If that doesn’t work, hold an intervention. Gather together all of his friends and family at one time and confront him with his addiction. Make it clear that you are doing this out of love because you want him to be around in the future. If you are fortunate, he will finally be able to accept that he is in trouble. Now it is time to get help from those who are trained in recovery from substance abuse.

Be His Rock
Stand by the one you love. Help him to review a list of drug rehabilitation centers. Go with him when it’s time to review his prospects. Ask questions. Hold his hand. Be a shoulder to lean on when he is struggling. Find an inpatient facility that is a good fit for this special person in life. Once he is admitted, make sure he knows that you will continue to be his support system. Send letters and care packages. Go to visiting hours if they are allowed. If therapy is extended to his loved ones, attended group sessions to help him in every way possible when he is ready to return to his normal life.

Celebrate Victory Over Addiction
Once your loved one has completed his treatment plan, be ready to celebrate. Surround him with people who care about him and be a positive influence. Help the one you love to continue on the road of sobriety.

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