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No more offering free guest posts from today (16th August 2016). Will offer free posts in future. Keep checking this site for free guest posts in future. I decided to discontinue offering free guest posts because most (more than 90%) of the guest posts submitted, the “guest posting rules” given below were not followed and it waste of time for me as well as the authors. And I had to remove the submitted posts. A waste of time with no benefit for both parties.

Guest Posting Rules:

  1. Only unique topics related to health and fitness are allowed for guest post. Post should be minimum 700 words long. If your post is not copyscape passed it will be rejected outright. So, you must send Copyscape checked and passed articles only. You must include a related image/video for every article you write and do not forget to give credit if you are using image from other websites with permission.
  2. You can add one link at the end of the guest post as “author bio/profile”, as separate paragraph, which can link to any quality site (but not to adult, pharmacy, steroid, Viagra/Cialis or any site the admin deem unsuitable to be linked from this health blog). Do not add links to your blog/site in the body of the post. Do not add links to your blog/site in the body of the post. We do not allow link with a keyword. Your link should be like
  3. However, you can add one or two links from body (not more than 2 links) of the post to reputed and well known (to be decided by the admin) health related sites or as source of the information of your content. Any other link (s), which admin of this Blog, may deem unsuitable may be deleted by the ADMIN.
  4. Register for an account as “subscriber” and e-mail ADMIN [drjupitor(@)] with your Username. Admin will upgrade you to “contributor” and you will be able to submit guest posts/articles directly for review by admin. To register, CLICK HERE, and click on “are you a member?” link and complete your registration, than send your username to admin.
  5. You have to submit guest posts directly to the blog (as you will be a “contributor“), which will be reviewed by admin and approved. Do not send article with your mail.
  6. Violation of any of the above rule will make you ineligible as guest writer and your account may be deleted.
  7. Admin reserves the right to accept or deny any post without giving any reason.
  8. Admin reserves the right to add a few link from any guest article to any site he deems fit/required.
  9. Once article is submitted and accepted by admin it becomes property of this health blog and the writer cannot claim it anymore to be his/her article, under any circumstances.
  10. No free guest posts for purely commercial sites is accepted. If you have purely commercial sites, you can contact ADMIN for advertisement.
  11. Follow all the above rules and your guest article will be published soon.
  12. No more free posts.


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