Health Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother

Breast feeding have benefits not only for the infant but for the mother too. Some of the health benefits of breast feeding for the mother include delays/reduced fertility, better emotional health, reduced insulin requirements, reduced incidence of osteoporosis, faster and better post partum weight loss, reduced risk of different cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, uterine cancer etc.

Lower incidence of Breast cancer:

Mothers who breast feed their children have significantly lower risk of developing breast cancer. Longer duration of breastfeeding reduce risk of breast cancer. Breast feeding for 4-12 months can reduce breast cancer by 11% and breastfeeding for 2 years or more can reduce risk of breast cancer and incidence of breast cancer as much as 25%.

Ovarian cancer:

Breast feeding reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.

Endometrial cancer:

Breast feeding or lactation has hypoestrogenic effect, which cause lesser stimulation to endometrial lining of uterus and as a result lower risk of endometrial cancer.

Uterine cancer:

Breastfeeding has protective action against uterine cancer.

Delays fertility:

Women who frequently breastfeed their children remain amenorrhoeic (absent menstruation) for longer duration, especially if exclusive breast feeding is done.

Better emotional health:

Women who breast feed their child has less anxiety in compare to women who formula feed their baby. This was found in different studies to check psychological status of post partum women.

Decreased insulin requirement:

For diabetic mothers, breast feeding can reduce insulin requirement. The insulin requirement is significantly lower in diabetic women post partum, who breast feed their babies than those who do not breast feed their baby.

Lower osteoporosis risk:

Studies have found that, the odd ratio of women with osteoporosis did not breast feed her baby was four times higher in compare to control group.

Faster and better post partum weight loss:

Mothers who breast feed their infants reduce hip circumference and body weight one month post partum significantly greater than those who do not breast feed.


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