What You should Know about the Laws on Health and Safety in the UK

There once was a time that accidents at the workplace seemed to be a matter of fact; it was unfortunate, but unavoidable, and simply a part of life. Thankfully, that mentality has changed, and many companies (due to pressure from legislation and government control) try to ensure that safety is a priority, and that accidents are minimised. Having said that, accidents still happen – at an alarming rate.

In fact, just last year there were a reported 229 people killed due to workplace accidents. More than a hundred thousand sustained serious injuries that same year. The laws may be in place, but the implementation is still lagging behind. If you feel you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own, then this one is for you: here’s what you should know about the laws on health and safety in the UK.

Health legislation: what’s it all about?

Legislation may at times seem complicated, but it is in fact easy to understand if you know the principles behind it. Here are some of the things legislation addresses:

  • It aims to ensure that all working equipment is safe and does not pose any health hazard
  • It aims to ensure that all chemicals are stored and handled safely, as any burn injury lawyer and personal injury lawyer will confirm
  • It aims to ensure that all personnel are provided with adequate information and training in order for them to exercise their duties in a safe manner
  • It aims to ensure that the working place is healthy and safe, and in case of unfortunate incidents, there are safety routes to take to exit the premises in a safe manner.

Working equipment

Working equipment must always be kept in safe condition and should be well-maintained in order for the employee to rely on it. It should be checked on a regular basis and replaced or repaired when faulty.


Every employee should receive the proper training to operate in a safe way, regardless of what the job may be – it means acquiring the right knowledge and understanding the right practices to ensure safety.

In general, all legislation aims to eliminate risks; it aims to put procedures in place that minimise accidents and the harm that can be caused if an accident does happen. A proper working environment is detrimental to maintaining a good, healthy condition, and avoiding accidents is just part of that. If ever you feel you have been involved and injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you should seek medical and legal assistance through a work injury compensation claim immediately – there may be something wrong with the workplace, the equipment, or the procedures that are in place. In fact, certain laws may have been broken, and you may be entitled to compensation.


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