What Treatment Options Are Available For Male Infertility

What Treatment Options Are Available For Male Infertility

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What Treatment Options Are Available For Male Infertility

Inability to conceive a child by a couple despite having unprotected (not using any contraceptive method) sexual intercourse by a couple frequently for one year or more is termed infertility and if male partner is at fault it is called male infertility.

Treatment option depends on the cause of male infertility. However, sometimes the exact cause of male infertility cannot be identified and treatment option in such situation depends on the treating doctor and his/her experience in handling infertility cases. The aim of treatment of male infertility is conception. It is important to check both the partners (male partner as well as female partner) in case of infertility. If the female partner is perfectly all right, than the male partner need to be treated as your doctor suggests. The following options are available for treatment of male infertility:

  • Surgery: this is an option because one of the most common causes of male infertility is varicocele, which requires surgical intervention for treatment. The cause need to be treated first. Other causes (of male infertility) that can be corrected surgically include obstructed vas deferens. Surgical intervention may also be required in some cases where there are no sperms in ejaculate and sperms can be retrieved from testicles or epididymis using surgical procedure called sperm retrieval technique.
  • If male infertility is due to hormonal problem, your doctor might recommend hormonal treatment for you.
  • Treatment of infection that may be the cause of male infertility, such as infection of reproductive tract. However, this may not always restore fertility even after successful treatment of infection.
  • If the cause of male infertility is sexual problem such as erectile dysfunction, that need to be treated first.
  • Assisted reproduction is an important option for treatment of male infertility. In assisted reproduction sperms are collected from normal ejaculate, surgically extracted or from a donor. The collected sperms can be inserted into the female genital tract, or the sperms may be used to perform in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, with an idea of conception.

Is it possible to prevent male infertility?

Some types of male infertility cannot be prevented. However there are certain types of male infertility that can be avoided by taking certain measures to promote healthy lifestyle, such as

  • By avoiding smoking and tobacco use
  • By limiting or preferably abstaining from alcohol intake
  • By avoiding drug abuse
  • By keeping your body weight within normal limit.
  • By reducing metal stress
  • By keeping away from pesticides, toxins, heavy metals or other harmful chemicals
  • By avoiding things that lead to prolonged heat for testicles
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