What to Do If Injured on Vacation

What to Do If Injured on Vacation

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What to Do If Injured on Vacation

Taking a vacation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and enjoy fun or leisure activities. Whether a weekend getaway or a month-long visit to an exotic location, traveling to another location for relaxation and sightseeing can help everyone to enjoy a change of scenery and explore new places., What to Do If Injured on Vacation

However, when traveling to new destinations, driving or walking in unfamiliar areas can sometimes result in an accident. Being hit by a vehicle while walking, biking or skating can lead to serious injuries. If it appears that the instigator of the accident was negligent or careless in any way, it is best to consult a local personal injury attorney to learn more about local laws that may apply to the circumstances. For example, if hurt in a car accident while leaving La Jolla Shores, you’ll want to find an injury lawyer in San Diego not one in your hometown. The reason for this is because a local attorney is going to know the local system much better and is therefore more likely to influence the case for the better.

Being injured on vacation is not common, but when it does occur, a thorough evaluation is needed to determine the scope of injuries, if any, as well as any treatments that may be needed short-term or long-term. Hopefully, there will be no serious injuries, but a comprehensive medical exam should be performed at the local ER or community clinic.

Depending on the nature of any medical findings, the diagnosis should be discussed with a personal injury lawyer to decide what, if any, steps should be taken to request legal compensation from the negligent party. It will be important to take medical documentation to the appointment with an attorney, as well as a prepared statement or outline of the accident details along with a police report if one was issued.

The attorney will want to hear an explanation of the accident and review medical documentation and the accident report. The attorney can explain local injury laws as well as advise the victim of how to proceed. Often, the next steps involve following up with the person’s personal physician at home, if needed. Alternately, the person should self-monitor for subsequent signs of injury that may not be readily diagnosed, and discuss symptoms that emerge with a doctor.

Fortunately, the health benefits of travel far outweigh the risks of possible injury. The important thing is to plan a trip by preparing for safety precautions when driving, walking, or otherwise traversing new areas that have not been previously explored. Using GPS or print maps, using well-traveled roads, avoiding construction zones, and traveling with a companion or in safe areas are ways of hopefully preventing an accident that could lead to personal injury.

Hotel concierges or desk clerks can explain the safest travel routes across town or the countryside. Wearing clothing and footwear that are conducive to safe travel when on foot is likewise helpful. It is important to pay attention to walkways and stairs that may be uneven or cluttered with debris. Traveling by day rather than by night, or with adequate lighting after dark, may also enhance safety while on vacation. Being aware of traffic patterns and weather conditions may help to head off possible injuries in unknown surroundings.

Most trips are carefree and safe for travelers who stay alert to their new locales. The benefits of getting away from the daily grind more than compensate for the relatively minor risk of injury. However, if an injury of consequence should occur, consult a personal injury attorney to discuss possible ramifications.


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