What Exercises should be done in Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a common medical problem, which affect very large number of people and is a major public health problem/concern. As osteoarthritis is a common health problem, and it causes lack of activity and poor mobility, especially with osteoarthritis of hip and knee joints. Due to lack of activity and poor mobility in patients suffering from osteoarthritis and the disease generally occurs among elderly individuals, it is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and of obesity. Due to lack of activity and poor mobility the patients with osteoarthritis generally have low aerobic capacity.

Exercise is an important aspect of management of osteoarthritis, but wrong type of exercise can precipitate the disease and symptoms. Wrong types of physical activity and for prolonged period and in excess is one of the major causes of osteoarthritis. That is the reason, it is very important to do right type of exercise and in a right way for appropriate management of osteoarthritis.

The most benefits of exercise (known as “Therapeutic Exercise” which means, the exercises done for therapeutic purpose or for treatment purpose, although exercises are generally done to remain healthy or as preventive purpose) are seen in patients with knee osteoarthritis, and unfortunately the hip and hand osteoarthritis patients do not get much benefit from exercise. Proper exercise can reduce pain and improves physical function in knee osteoarthritis. The exercises which can help in osteoarthritis of knee include aerobic and/or resistance training. The resistance training exercise can strengthen muscles across the knee joints. The exercises should aim to train to strengthen muscles that are used for daily activities. Some exercises can increase pain and should be avoided and the exercises should be individualized for this purpose. The resistance training exercises for muscle strengthening need to be individualized for effectiveness and to minimize discomfort.

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