What are the Health Benefits of Playing Soccer

Fast work, agility, and endurance are just some of a few of the essentials for playing soccer. Also known as football, soccer is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport. Almost everybody, regardless of sex, age and background can enjoy playing soccer. What makes soccer a unique sport is the fact that it teaches us about the importance of teamwork, a strong sense of camaraderie and has the greatest potential among other sports in developing natural fitness.

Soccer is fantastic cross-training opportunity that has some mental benefits too-this is according to Sean Hayes, a certified kinesiologist.

In the article below, we look at some of the amazing health benefits of playing soccer.

  1. Great cardio workout

A typical soccer game usually last around 90 minutes-this is to mean that playing a full game equals running 8-12 km. According to Hayes, the aerobics demands of soccer certainly pump your heart rate, which in turn increases your heart functionality, consequently increasing the overall cardiovascular health.

The benefits of excellent cardiovascular health include protection from chronic heart diseases such as cardiac arrest, stroke, cardiomyopathy, a decrease in systolic blood pressure and a healthier working rate, says Hayes.

  1. Build Muscles Mass and Increase Muscle Strength

The very nature of soccer entails constant movement in activities such as sprinting, kicking, tackling, turning over, shielding the ball, and holding off opponents. Engagement of muscles over a long period in such heavy activities is great for overall muscle tone and is bound to get your muscles strengthened, says Hayes.

Another desirable feature which is not easy to admire in the mirror is the increase in the strength of your skeletal frame. Repeated weight-bearing load on the body during a soccer game is a sure way of boosting the bone density.

  1. Increases stamina and endurance

Endurance and stamina are two core attributes that are required in virtually any game that requires physical input. With an increase in aerobic capacity, your body can run farther for an extended period, says Hayes.

And because soccer entails a variety of motions, it’s more beneficial than just using a cross-trainer in your local gym.

  1. Improve coordination skills

Soccer is considered as the best sport for improving coordination skills since it involves constantly shifting between different tasks through a long period, and often doing different tasks simultaneously.

For instance, in a typical soccer game, a player needs Soccer training lab tips such as dribbling at full speed, shielding the ball, dodging enemy attacks, while searching for an opportunity to shoot or deliver a pass, and all these are performed at varying speed and direction.

  1. Promotes teamwork and sharing

Fitness goals are generally on a personal level, but soccer allows us to share that goal with others and translate lessons you learn from the field to the rest of your life, explains Hayes. For a soccer game, you have to push personal interest aside and work towards achieving common team goals, which can broaden your thinking when relating to other situations in your life.

  1. Enhances social interactions and connections

Soccer is all about teamwork, meaning that you’ll meet other people from different backgrounds and perform social interactions.

What is great about soccer is that it’s absolutely fun; it’s a way of entertaining yourself, your team and everybody who watches it.

With all the above benefits what’s keeping you from playing soccer? So start strapping that boot and get ready to kick the ball. And remember, a happy life is a healthy life.


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  • Sharon Wilson Smith December 06, 2017 04.16 am

    I like that you talked about how playing soccer helps to enhance your endurance and stamina because of how the game requires you to do physical inputs. My son is interested to learn a game, and he was asking me for a recommendation of the best game that he can learn to play. For me, soccer can be a good choice because of how it can improve the 2 important attributes which he will also need to play other games. I will make sure to talk to him so he can consider playing soccer.


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