Treatment Options for Cancer

Treatment Options for Cancer

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Treatment Options for Cancer

There are several treatment options available for cancer, such as cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or combination of any of these. Treatment option of cancer depends on type and stage of cancer and its location and various other factors such as general health etc. And of course your choice of treatment after understanding the pros and cons of different treatment modalities available for cancer treatment., Treatment Options for Cancer

Goal or objective of cancer treatment:

This is an important factor to consider for cancer treatment. The goal of cancer treatment may include,

Cure of cancer:

Cure is not possible in most cases of cancer. However, there are some types of cancers that are completely curable, especially if diagnosed in early stage. For example, some types of skin cancer can be cured if diagnosed early and removed surgically. Unfortunately most other types of cancer are not curable with current treatment methods.

Primary treatment of cancer:

This is done to remove (if possible, completely) cancer from your body, most commonly by surgery or kill the cancer cells by using chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy (if cancer cells are sensitive to chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy). In many types of cancer, primary treatment can eliminate cancer cells successfully with primary treatment.

Adjuvant treatment of cancer:

The aim of adjuvant therapy of cancer is to kill cancer cells that survived the primary treatment (with surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy). Adjuvant therapy is given to prevent cancer recurrence, which occur if some cancer cells survive primary treatment. Adjuvant therapy may include, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or radiotherapy.

Palliative treatment of cancer:

This is given to improve general condition of cancer patients. Also, palliative therapy can be given to hasten recovery from primary therapy (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy) side effects. Symptomatic treatment to relieve symptoms of cancer or treatment side effects is given in the form of palliative therapy.

What are the cancer treatment options available at present?

There are various options available at present for treatment of cancer, they include,

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Immune therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • Targeted drug therapy
  • Also available is clinical trials. Clinical trials are done for developing/studying new treatment modalities and at any given time several clinical trials goes on. One can make use of such options too.


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