Treatment of Hypotension

Treatment of Hypotension

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Treatment of Hypotension

Hypotension or low BP that does not cause any symptom or cause only mild symptoms such as dizziness on standing for some time usually requires no treatment. However, if an individual with low BP or hypotension with symptoms that may be troublesome, requires adequate treatment, which may depend on the cause of hypotension. The important aspect here is to address the underlying primary cause of hypotension, such as dehydration, heart disease, hypothyroidism etc. Generally correcting the underlying cause appropriately, solves the problem of hypotension too. For example, if hypotension is due to a medication (for treatment of some other ailment), withdrawal of offending drug causing hypotension can correct the problem.

However, in many cases of hypotension, the underlying cause cannot be identified and it becomes difficult to manage the problem of hypotension in such cases. In such cases the goal of management is to raise blood pressure to the level that symptoms do not appear. The following measures can be helpful in such cases:

  • Consume more common salt: experts opine that sodium in common salt is responsible for raise in blood pressure in many patients of hypertension (high BP). However, this can be good news for patients with hypotension, as consuming more salt can improve hypotension. However, one should be careful not to consume too much salt/sodium, as it can lead to heart failure and other heart problems. Along with increase in salt intake, fluid intake should also be increased as it can increase blood volume and increase BP.
  • Medications for treatment of hypotension: there are several medications available for treatment of hypotension, to increase BP. These medications can be used alone or in combination to raise blood pressure, especially in cases of orthostatic hypotension or postural hypotension. Fludrocortisone is used for treatment of hypotension which acts by increasing blood volume and thereby increasing blood pressure. Midodrine is another drug used for treatment of orthostatic hypotension or postural hypotension. This drug acts by preventing dilatation of blood vessels and raising blood pressure.
  • Wear compressive stockings: use of compressive stockings can help to prevent pooling of blood in legs. This is commonly used for management of varicose veins of legs.
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