Ten Ways That Help Prevent Nail Fungus Infection

Ten Ways That Help Prevent Nail Fungus Infection

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Ten Ways That Help Prevent Nail Fungus Infection

Nail fungus infection is a common health problem that affects millions of people world over. That is precisely the reason, why internet is filled with topics such as nail fungus treatment, nail fungus ointment, nail fungus cure, nail fungus ayurvedic treatment, nail fungus treatment home remedies etc.

But what is more important than nail fungus cure or nail fungus treatment if you get nail fungus infection, is certainly prevention of nail fungus infection and confirmation of nail fungus infection by testing nail fungus infection. Here you can read on about ways to prevent nail fungus infection.

  • Wash and keep your hands and feet (that have nails) regularly and keep your fingers dry and short (by trimming nails regularly). Wash your hands and feet with soap and adequate amount of water and dry your hands and feet thoroughly, including in between fingers and toes. Wash your hands and feet several times a day and certainly before going to bed.
  • Make sure that you do not injure nails or adjoining areas while trimming, because injury is a predisposing factor for nail fungus infection. It is better to avoid trimming skin around nails, as it may cause injury and risk of infection.
  • Do not wear socks when your feet are wet. Wait till your feet dry completely and make sure that your socks are also dry. Your socks should be able to absorb sweat and change your socks frequently, especially if your feet sweat more.
  • If possible, use open toe shoes. Take off your shoe occasionally to help dry your shoes and socks. Wet and warm condition is ideal for growth of nail fungus.
  • Use antifungal dusting powder or spray in your shoes as well as in your feet, especially if your shoes are old, because they may harbor fungus. Preferably change your old shoes for a new pair.
  • If your job involves exposure of your hands to water regularly (such as cleaning utensils) or you do regular household work such as dish cleaning, use rubber gloves to keep your hands dry. Exposure of hands in water and detergent cause frequent fungal infection of hands and nail, known as “washerwomen’s hand”. This condition can be prevented by using protective rubber gloves.
  • Wash your hands with soap after touching (may be for trimming your nails) your infected nail.
  • Don’t go barefoot outside or in any public place. Wear sandals if you are using swimming pools, public showers or locker rooms.
  • For manicure and pedicure select a good saloon and make sure they use sterilized instruments for manicure and pedicure for every client.
  • It is better to avoid nail polish and artificial nails if you have nail fungus infection, till your infection is completely cured. You may want to hide your nail fungus infection under your nail polish, but it will only trap the moisture in nails and worsen the condition, as nail fungus thrive in wet and warm environment.


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