Common Causes of Skin Irritation in Cosmetics - Healthyone

Common Causes of Skin Irritation in Cosmetics - Healthyone

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Svetlana Wickstrom Talks About Common Causes of Skin Irritation in Cosmetics

When it comes to skincare products, most of us are never told about why we should or shouldn’t choose one product over another. This can be a huge issue when someone has sensitive skin and is prone to skin irritation. They jump from one product to the next without knowing what they are looking for and, in the process, often go from bad to worse just because something is labelled “hypoallergenic.”, Svetlana Wickstrom Talks About Common Causes of Skin Irritation in Cosmetics

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Here, expert histotechnician Svetlana Wickstrom talks about what it is they are missing in the equation. If you find you break out or develop skin irritations from even the most seemingly innocuous skin care products, there are several reasons why products like Birdie and Peppers skincare products for sensitive skin are devoid of all those issues.

1. What Is the Main Ingredient?

According to Svetlana, this is one of the two most commonly misunderstood issues with the leading skincare products. Some people with sensitive skin develop acne-like reactions and never know why this is happening. “Oil is a common culprit with acne and should be avoided at all costs,” she says. “If you want to avoid oils known to clog those sensitive pores on your face, look for ‘water,’ ‘aqua,’ or ‘agua’ listed as the first ingredient. “These ‘should’ be safer for sensitive skin, but often times are not.”

2. Chemical Fragrances Are Another Enemy to Avoid

Svetlana Wickstrom goes on to say that most fragrances in products today are chemically derived. Even when you see vanilla or lavender being listed as a fragrance, these are probably not derived from the actual plants themselves but rather from chemicals some chemist mixed together to mimic the smell of those natural scents. “Never trust a fragrance unless the research is available for you to verify,” she says. “I have found over the years that most of the fragrances added to skincare products are not naturally derived and those chemicals can have a damaging effect on your skin.”

3. Why Natural Hibiscus Is Great for Sensitive Skin

Finally, Svetlana talks about one of her favorite lotions on the market – Birdie and Peppers Hibiscus Rose Hip Crème and why it’s great for sensitive skin. “Since they don’t believe in adding chemicals or any other fragrances to their skincare products, you will find that their products light scent is produced by the natural plants and flowers they contain.” She explains that not only does the organic hibiscus give her favorite cream a gentle, natural fragrance but it is also a powerful antioxidant. Hibiscus is also a potent anti-inflammatory and works well as an astringent. “Are you concerned with clogged pores?” she asks. “The this is a perfect skincare cream for you simply because it was formulated to moisten the skin while offering the astringent properties of hibiscus that will naturally cleanse grease and contaminants from the face.”

“I also love the fact that Birdie and Peppers sources all ingredients from a trusted lab in the US and like all high-quality custom supplement manufacturing, the facility is GMP certified so the entire manufacturing process is regulated.”

And that’s what this amazingly insightful histotechnician has found to be the most important information you should have when seeking skincare products for sensitive skin. Her years as a histotechnician in a pathology lab gave her an education into the many types of skin she examined and this is what she has learned and passed on to you so that you can safely achieve smoother, younger looking skin.

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