Surprising Things a Beard Can Reveal About Your Health

We all think that beard is just an addition on the face to make you look hot and smart, we agree that the beard does change a guy’s looks and make him look more appealing however there are several other benefits related to the health that we should consider.

Beard can be used as a medium to understand several health issues occurring in the body. Here we have gathered some essential points from the information provided by the renowned beard scholar Joel Schlessinger, MD, a Nebraska-based board-certified dermatologist and Real Self-advisor, his marks tell us that there is a lot that a beard is telling you and you have to pay attention to its cries.

  • If you see your beard falling apart in patches what to do?

If this is happening to you as well, it could mean that you have become a victim of alopecia barbae, something that happens on its own in your body when your immunity system functions on its own accord. This happens when your immunity system considers that the hair follicles are some intruders and it makes counter moves to make them stop growing. This is not a very dangerous disease, but it is curable for sure. So if it’s happening to you, rush to your doctor and discuss the details. If there are any other symptoms, tell the doctors straight away.

  • If you find that your beard is thinning

There could be some reasons behind the thinning of your beard hair. It could happen because of the improper diet you are taking. The hair on the beard also need the nutrients and proteins that are essential for the hair on your scalp. So pay attention to the nutrition of the beard hair and make it a habit of using some good beard oil on it in order to fulfill the requirements of the beard for a shiny one. So pay particular attention to the health of the facial hair and oil them regularly.

  • If you find your beard is dry and brittle

If you observe any such change in the appearance of the beard hair, that is they are becoming drier, and you find that the chunks go missing form some parts as well, then you sure are over shaving your beard. This is happening because you clean the beard more than required, so make a schedule of cleaning the beard so that the hair gets to grow correctly and then they are removed.

  • If your beard does not grow at all

If you cannot become a beard at all, you can consult a doctor for some health checkups, but majorly it happens due to the genetics. If you are not growing a beard, it could be because some ancestor of yours too could not grow a beard. So there is no need to worry as nothing could be done in this case. You have to love yourself for a shaved face.


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