Some Handy Hints for Wearing Make-up with Contact Lenses

Glasses aren’t for everyone, but if you make the decision to wear contact lenses you need to be careful when applying make-up. A clumpy mascara or excessive eye shadow can cause huge irritation, which can be an annoying and a hassle. While contact lenses are safely used by millions of people every day, if they are not cared for properly they do carry a risk of eye infection, which can be seriously damaging and unpleasant. Here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful!

  • Firstly, it is very important to put your contact lenses in before doing your make-up. Always ensure your hands are clean, as you don’t want to transfer any bacteria into your eyes. Use your finger-tips to handle the lenses, rather than nails, to avoid damaging them.
  • I highly recommend using hypoallergenic formulas, especially if you have particularly sensitive eyes. More abrasive make-up can irritate, causing your eyes to become itchy and uncomfortable.
  • Never sleep in your make-up. Whilst you’re sleeping, your make-up (mascara especially) can begin to break up and small pieces could get into your eye. Waking up with red puffy eyes is not a good look! So be sure to use those make-up wipes.
  • Regularly replace your make-up. Old mascaras, eye shadows or eyeliners will build up bacteria, so it is good to get a new one every couple of months. In addition to this, try not to share your make-up with others.
  • If you’re prone to irritable eyes, you may want to consider using disposable mascara wands. They aren’t very expensive, so you can use a new one each time you apply your mascara. This can be very effective in preventing infection.
  • Be careful with false eyelashes. The glue used for these can be full of harsh chemicals and if you get this in your eyes it can cause big problems, as it will stick to the lenses instead of flushing out. From personal experience, you can end up looking like you have “pink eye” for days.
  • Don’t apply eyeliner between your lashes and your eye. Only apply eyeliner on the other side of your lashes above your eye.
  • Avoid mascaras with “lash-building fibers” as they can be harmful for your contact lenses.
  • Close your eyes when applying loose powder, hairspray etc. to avoid it getting in your eyes.

If you have any problems such as redness, pain, swelling or irritation remove your lenses and eye make-up immediately and if there is no improvement visit an opticians. People who wear contact lenses are particularly susceptible to eye infections due to the decrease in oxygen reaching their corneas and if contacts aren’t disinfected correctly it can lead to a bacterial build up. The main symptoms of contact lens-related infections include blurry vision, unusual redness of the eye, tearing or discharge from the eye, increased light sensitivity or the sensation of something in your eye. An infection can cause serious vision loss or even blindness, so be careful and take care of your eyes.


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