Some Common Questions about Skin Tags

Some Common Questions about Skin Tags

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Some Common Questions about Skin Tags

Skin tags occur very commonly in males as well as females. Although skin tags are harmless, but if they occur in face and other exposed parts they may cause cosmetic problems and may require removal. As skin tags are very common (in fact skin tags occurs in approximately half of all people in their lifetime), it is common to have some questions about skin tags and here some commonly asked questions are discussed.

Are skin tags tumors?

The answer to this question is, yes skin tags are tumors (or harmless skin growths), which are completely benign in nature and generally do not become malignant or cancerous even if left without any treatment. Skin tags extremely rare, if ever, can become precancerous or cancerous. It is not difficult to determine if a skin tag is has risk of becoming precancerous or cancerous. If skin tag/tags bleed, change of color occurs (may become pink, red, brown, black etc.) it is best to do biopsy to determine or exclude cancer.

Will skin tags re-grow after removing them?

Removing skin tags will not cause them to re-grow or more skin tags to grow. After removing skin tags some people may get skin tags which is simply because they are more prone to develop skin tags and not due to removing older skin tags. If you are prone to develop skin tags, you may need periodic removal.

Are skin tags contagious?

Skin tags are not contagious. At present there is no scientific evidence of contagiousness of skin tags. Some studies have suggested that at least some of the skin tags are due to HPV (Human Papilloma virus) and these may be contagious.

Is there any other treatment method, other than surgery?

At present there is no cream or other pharmacological agent that can be used for treatment of skin tags. Many people may claim to remove skin tags by creams but these are not approved for treatment of skin tags. Do not use wart removal creams for removal of skin tags.

Can I claim insurance for removal of skin tags?

Most medical insurance companies classify skin tags as cosmetic and can not be claimed. But if you can prove (?) that skin tag has become precancerous or cancerous, you can claim medical insurance.

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