Six Healthy Benefits to Kicking Booze for Good

Everyone knows that alcohol consumption has negative effects on our bodies. When you drink, you expose your brain, heart, liver, immune system, and more to damage that could be irreversible. But what happens when you lay off the sauce for a few weeks, or give up alcohol entirely? Today we’re going to highlight six health benefits of giving up on alcohol once and for all.

For more information on the alcohol rehabilitation process, click here – if you’re in the midst of trying to help a friend of loved one join a rehab program, sharing the perks of giving up booze instead of the doom and gloom of continuing with old habits may be beneficial.

  1. Belly Fat Melts Away

Studies show that a year after you stop drinking, your body will naturally let go of 13 pounds of body fat on average. Turns out “beer belly” is a real thing, because by consuming alcohol you force your body to burn alcohol instead of fats and sugars for fuel. By cutting alcohol from your diet, you eliminate the metabolic mix up that happens as a natural part of the detoxifying process.

  1. Your Liver Heals Itself

In as few as four weeks, your liver will thank you for reducing its stress by eliminating excess fat deposits and shrinking back to its normal size. Some liver damage caused by alcohol consumption is irreversible, however, but giving up alcohol once and for all gives your internal systems a chance to repair and recover from damage. Liver disease is one of the more severe side effects of long-term alcoholism, and often it is the diagnosis that leads people into recovery programs.

  1. Sleep More Restfully

Though generations of anecdotal evidence shows that a hot toddy before bed will help you get to sleep, most research shows that comes at the expense of truly restful sleep. Drinking reduces your REM sleep, which in impacts your ability to concentrate the next day. Cutting alcohol out of your routine gives your mind and body an opportunity to rest and relax more naturally. If you have trouble giving up the routine of an evening drink, consider these healthier options to unwind at night.

  1. Better Brain Power

Often joked about side-effects of drinking is brain damage – but the reality is that brain damage does occur, both through ongoing indulgence in alcohol and occasional binge drinking sessions. By removing alcohol consumption from your behavior patterns, you protect your brain from long-term damage and allow it to repair itself.

  1. Build Muscle Easier

In addition to the perk of helping you lose weight, cutting alcohol can also help you gain muscle more readily. Studies have shown that alcohol inhibits the body’s ability to produce human growth hormone – an essential ingredient for muscle growth and repair. What’s more, alcohol has been shown to diminish the synthesis of proteins muscle is made from in rats. Again, eliminating alcohol from the equation pays dividends for those trying to get their body into prime condition.

  1. Supercharge Your Health

Your immune system is also compromised when you ingest alcohol. According to some research, within as little as 20 minutes you can become immune compromised, which puts a whole different spin on the wave of people who call in sick after the office holiday party. By cutting alcoholic beverages from your diet, you keep yourself shielded from seasonal bugs and generally give your body a fighting chance to fend off the worst cold and flu season has to offer.

Leading a healthier lifestyle is within everyone’s reach, and dropping alcohol consumption from your regular routine can be a huge step toward a healthier you. Double-down on your new healthy lifestyle by adding healthy foods and non-alcoholic alternatives to your new regime. This may help you to undo the harm that alcohol has piled onto your body’s systems over time and in some cases reverse the damage altogether.


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