Should You Get Health Insurance Through Your Employer?

Should You Get Health Insurance Through Your Employer?

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Should You Get Health Insurance Through Your Employer?

, Should You Get Health Insurance Through Your Employer?Most of us are in some job or other. If you are employed, most likely your employer has some group health insurance cover for employees, as more and more employers are offering group health insurance for their employees to keep them happy. The question is, should you take such a health insurance cover or should you buy health insurance on your own. The question is not easy to answer and various factors (such as coverage, flexibility, customization etc.) must be considered to come to a conclusion.


Most likely your employer will offer health insurance for cheapest possible amount of money and the coverage you will get with cheapest rate is anybody’s guess. Your employer (a business) is interested in their profit and not welfare of their employees. Read through the health insurance plan you employer is offering and do not be surprised if you find out that your employer’s health insurance plan for you and other employees do not cover areas which you need most.

Customization of health insurance:

You can customize your health insurance policy, if you are buying your own health insurance, according to your needs. This is a great advantage of buying health insurance on your own. For example, if you have preexisting hypertension of diabetes, you can customize your plan to cover the regular tests you will have to and medications you have to buy regularly. But, if you get health insurance through your employer, you will not get what you need, i.e. medication and lab investigation coverage.

Control over your own health insurance:

If you buy your own health insurance, you have total control, such as opting out of a feature of your health insurance, or discontinuing it for a better plan that you need. As you are in total control, you decide what is best for you and not the insurance company or your employer. If you buy health insurance through your employer, than your employer decide what features to be made available, giving no importance to your or other employees need.

It is certainly cheaper to get health insurance from your employer, but it is not a good idea to depend wholly on your employer’s health insurance plan. Because this plans usually do not have what you need. It cost minimum or nothing is the only advantage if you buy health insurance through your employer. You should go for health insurance through your employer, if you are young and healthy and if it covers most of your healthcare needs.

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