Revealed: The Top 5 Medical Careers For Women

Revealed: The Top 5 Medical Careers For Women

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Revealed: The Top 5 Medical Careers For Women

For a woman to have the best possible medical career, it is important that she opt for choices offering flexibility and career advancement in line with her personal circumstance and goal oriented personality. For women have played a critical role in health care since time immemorial, leading some people to mistakenly believe that only certain medical careers are meant for women. , Revealed: The Top 5 Medical Careers For Women

Aside from their caring and gentle personas, women are renowned for handling their tasks professionally which, perhaps, explains why many have left an indelible mark in the medical profession. And naturally, most health careers that are suited to women are those that concern themselves with women’s health. This is because most female patients prefer to be taken care of and treated by a fellow woman. In addition, some of the most attractive health jobs for women are home based and thus have more flexible schedules thereby allowing women to work whilst taking care of their families. Below, therefore, we take a look at 5 of the most sought after medical jobs for women as follows:

1. Nursing
Undoubtedly, women are synonymous with nursing which is, arguably, the most versatile profession in the medical field. This is because it can be office based, hospital based, home based, community based etc. Typically, nurses work in shifts which provide adequate flexibility in working hours and it is little wonder why it ranks highly among the best careers a woman can opt for in the medical profession.

2. Gynecologist and Obstetrician
A commonly held belief is that only women understand their fellow women. This explains why most women prefer to seek out a female gynecologist as they are more comfortable discussing their problems with someone who is likely to understand what they are going through. This makes women highly suited to gynecology and it is, without doubt, one of the best health careers especially for women. Gynecologists and Obstetricians offer interventions, advice and medical care pertaining to women’s reproductive health and they may either offer a specialized or general service.

3. Pharmacist and Pharmacologist
Careers in pharmacy are also known to offer flexibility in women’s work schedules as they can either be a job-sharing opportunity or a part-time job. And for those women who are career-driven and can manage bigger responsibilities, there are limitless opportunities for career advancement.
In a nutshell, pharmacologists are involved in the preparation and study of how new drugs can be used safely and effectively. They may also work in collaboration with scientists at an advanced level. Pharmacists on the other hand deal with medicines and ensure that patients are given the correct medication whenever they visit a pharmacy.

4. Pediatrician
Needless to say, the joy and satisfaction that a woman derives upon providing care and treatment to a child is unrivalled by any other health career. Dealing with children and ensuring that they are in perfect health infuses a sense of achievement in most women. This is the essence of being a Pediatrician.

5. Medical Transcriptionist
This career is particularly popular with women who wish to look after their families whilst advancing their careers as it can be conducted from the confines of your home. All you need is a phone and a computer.

Since doctors mostly record their findings on a voice recorder as they do not have the time to write medical reports, the job of a Medical Transcriptionist is, therefore, to convert these voice recordings into text reports which will then be approved by the doctor. Knowledge of various medical terms is thus essential. Examples of documents that are transcribed by a transcriptionist include operative reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic studies, referral reports etc.

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