Read the Benefits of Cleaning Your Hair With Rhassoul Clay

Read the Benefits of Cleaning Your Hair With Rhassoul Clay

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Read the Benefits of Cleaning Your Hair With Rhassoul Clay

Herbal and natural ingredients are widely known for their use in skin and hair care. Most people even use clay for hair care. Sounds shocking! Well, it’s true. Since century’s rhassoul, clay is in use for hair care and skin due to its exceptional properties and minerals that are found in it. It is a good and very beneficial ingredient for cleaning your hair. Read the complete article to know more about this clay and its benefits., Read the Benefits of Cleaning Your Hair With Rhassoul Clay

About rhassoul clay

Rhassoul clay is originated from Morocco in the deep atlas mountain. It is naturally found in these mountains. It is reddish brown and formed through a natural geothermal process. The clay got its name from the Arabic word “hassle” means “to wash.”

Rhassoul clay is also known by other names like red clay, oxide clay, ghassoul clay, and red Moroccan clay. The clay is extracted from the mountains under special conditions. It is then washed, sun-dried and turned into smooth powder. At first, it has soap like structure, but after refinement, it gets the smooth and silky structure. The clay contains iron, sodium, potassium, Lithium, trace elements, magnesium, and silicon.

Although other cosmetic clays are present that are used for hair treatment, there are numerous benefits of rhassoul clay that makes it more useful than others. It contains 100% minerals that make it different from other clays. It is useful as it draws impurities and toxins from the hair and nourishes it with essential vitamins, minerals and making them soft and clean. It is also known for improving curl definition.

Why clay treatment when many useful products are available in the market? Clay treatment is beneficial in the sense that it does not strip out the essential oils from your hair while cleaning and detoxifying it and keeps your hair moisturized. Other than it, these treatments are affordable as well., Read the Benefits of Cleaning Your Hair With Rhassoul Clay

What are the benefits of using rhassoul clay?

According to findings, this clay has numerous benefits when used in skin and hair care treatments. It unblocks pores, removes surface oil, and stubborn blackheads.

According to a research, using rhassoul clay can:

  • Improves elasticity and firmness of skin by 24%
  • Reduces dryness by 79%
  • Reduces flakiness by 41%
  • Improves skin texture by 106%
  • Improves skin clarity by 68%

It has many other benefits as well. It can also be used as the cleanser instead of using it as soap.  Rhassoul clay has other common use as well. It works well as the scrub when used with oats, essential oils, and almonds. It helps in restoring hair shine when used with argan oil. The clay is also used in many spas to strengthen nails, softening of skin, and removing dead cells. Since early period, rhassoul clay is used for removing dandruff, softening hair and improving hair texture and volume. The clay is ideal for the detoxifying skin as it contains negative charge while toxins of our skin contain the positive charge. This charge difference helps in drawing out the impurities from your skin.

Other than skin and hair care treatments, rhassoul clay is beneficial for arthritis treatment. It reduces inflammation and creates a warm effect on the sore joints thus improving the movement of joints. Boswellia serrata oil can be mixed into the clay to improve the effect.

Rhassoul clay is full of the goodness of nature and thus is good for cleaning your hair with it. So, how to use it for cleaning your hair?

How to clean hair with rhassoul clay?

To use rhassoul clay for hair treatment, follow these steps:

  • Mix one part of it with the equal amount of warm water. You can vary the amount as per the thickness and length of your hair. Starting with ½ cup of proportion is good.
  • Add oil to the mixture. You can use coconut oil, EVOO or any other oil of your choice.
  • Mix the ingredients and make it thick as per your desire.
  • Apply the mixture to the full length of hair and on the scalp as well. Cover the entire scalp and to ensure that you can start working in small batches.
  • Wear a plastic cup and Leave the mixture for 5 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • Don’t let the mixture dry and rinse the hair after some time.
  • You can also use moisturizer or conditioner after washing your hair properly.

To get most out of it, you can add raw honey or Aloe Vera juice to the mixture. So, try this naturally occurring clay and make your hair shiner and healthier with no side effects.

Where to buy the clay?

You can buy the clay from online stores. Buy only the organic clay since as it is the pure form of this morocco mud and it will not give any side effects to you. You can also get this from whole foods market as well. However, if you don’t find it there, then online stores will not disappoint you as they have it in bulk amount and they deliver their product to different parts of the world. So, it’s easier to get the rhassoul clay.

Other uses of rhassoul clay, Read the Benefits of Cleaning Your Hair With Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay is also used for other purposes other than hair treatment. For example, use it as the natural facial scrub. To use it, mix the one tablespoon of clay and maple syrup. Add the small amount of water to make the paste thick. Massage your face with the paste for few minutes and leave it for few more minutes. Rinse it off, and all the impurities and toxins of your skin will wash off. The clay also works as a cleanser. Add desired oil to it and apply the paste to your face.  Leave it for some time and then rinse off. Don’t forget to add the little bit of water to it to make it moist.

Rhassoul clay is thus one solution for your skin and hair care treatment. So, try this natural and herbal product for getting healthier and shiner hair and eliminating the side effects of other cosmetic products.

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