Quit Smoking with Help of Your Genes

If you are a chain smoker or simply a smoker and you want to quit smoking, but unable to do so. If you have attempted several times to quit smoking and failed to quit smoking. If you may be sick of you bad habit of smoking and really want to quit smoking, you should give a thought of trying a completely new method of therapy (even in the field of medicine also it is new) called gene therapy. Gene therapy may be your answer of inability to quit smoking, which can help you give up smoking permanently, when other methods have failed.

Smoking is a bad habit and we all know it including the smoker himself/herself, but unable to quit smoking, especially after smoking for several years and after becoming a chain smoker it is really hard to quit smoking, unless strong self determination is present. Smoking is harmful (better word is “smoking is injurious to health”) to not only the smoker, but also to the harmful to the person close to the smoker (passive smoker). The passive smoker may be your near and dear ones, such as your adorable children or spouse.

Human genes are the basic building blocks of humans as everything on this earth has their own building blocks. Genes can give us protection from certain diseases and at the same time genes can also cause certain diseases, known genetic diseases. Genes are responsible for the height, complexion (color of the skin), susceptibility to a certain disease or protection from certain diseases and behavior to a great extent (behavior also depends on the environment a person grows up).

There are genes which are responsible for habit of smoking in a person (here also for quitting smoking, along with genetic factors, environmental as well as psychological factors play a big role for quit smoking as well as remaining smoke free after quitting smoking). Human body also have genes which can be responsible for resistance against habit of smoking. Researchers in United States have found that a person with variation of both the genes can quit smoking easily in compare to others. These genes act through neurotransmitter (a chemical that act as a messenger) dopamine. Researchers also found that the genes responsible for easing to quit smoking are SLC6A3 (a dopamine transporter gene) and a variant of DRD2 (a dopamine receptor gene). SLC6A3 gene is responsible for increase in dopamine concentration in brain.

Gene therapy is still in its infancy and much more research is required in the coming days. If you are genetically predisposed to smoking it may be much more difficult for you to quit smoking and at this juncture gene therapy can do wonders for you.

If you are fed up after trying several times to quit smoking, it is high time you take help of gene therapy experts and quit smoking much easily and also keep smoking out of you life for longer and possibly permanently and remain healthy, wealthy and wise.

But the negative side of gene therapy are the cost of the therapy may be very high and not available in most of the parts of the world, especially in developing world and remain out of reach due to cost and availability to the most of the population in the world.


The information provided in this article is not well tried and well established. If anybody want to use the technique for quitting smoking, it is advised to learn more from your physician.

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