Pros and Cons of Hair Removal by Electrolysis

Pros and Cons of Hair Removal by Electrolysis

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Pros and Cons of Hair Removal by Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a commonly use hair removal procedure. There are pros and cons involved in hair removal by electrolysis. It is important to the pros and cons before you decide to use this procedure for removing unwanted hairs from your skin. Everything may be fine, but the cost may not be affordable to you and you may not be able to use the procedure for removing unwanted hairs. Hence, know pros and cons of hair removal by electrolysis., Pros and Cons of Hair Removal by Electrolysis

Pros of hair removal by electrolysis

  1. Electrolysis has the best tract record among all hair removal procedures available at present to a patient/client/customer. This is the only procedure that is accepted by USFDA as permanent solution to hair removal or electrolysis is the only procedure which can cause permanent hair removal and approved by USFDA. No other procedure is approved by USFDA as able to cause permanent hair removal. All other hair removal procedures provide only temporary result, although some may prove quite long term result, but still temporary.
  2. Practically anyone with any hair type, skin color or on any part of the skin, electrolysis can be used for hair removal. Many procedures cannot be used in some areas of skin, some procedures cannot be used for some types of skin or some hair color types. But, this is not the case with electrolysis. Unless some specific reason is there, electrolysis can be used for hair removal by anybody and in any area of skin and by any skin type individuals.
  3. Side effects are minimal, if any. It is practically painless (may cause only mild discomfort).

Cons of hair removal by electrolysis

  1. Cost is an important factor in electrolysis. On an average a single sitting of 30 minutes duration may cost up to $50. One requires multiple sittings for final result, usually one sitting every week till satisfactory result, which may take several weeks. Some may require up to 30 sittings of treatment with electrolysis. Some individuals may have unwanted hairs in large skin area and need much longer time every sitting and more expensive as a result. Due to requirement of multiple treatment sessions/sittings, electrolysis is time consuming and expensive (e.g. 20 treatments $50 each, which is $1000, a large amount of money indeed for hair removal, although permanent result)
  2. Hair follicles may be bent due to previous waxing or tweezing, which makes the insertion of needle for destruction of hair follicle difficult. Presence of in-grown hairs may also make electrolysis procedure harder.
  3. The operator of electrolysis device need to be highly skilled and expert in the job for faster and better result. Unskilled operator may not give satisfactory results of hair removal by electrolysis.
  4. If the procedure is not done by skilled person and properly, it may not give satisfactory results and it may also cause discoloration of treated skin.
  5. Although electrolysis is approved as the only permanent hair removal procedure, everyone treated with electrolysis may not get permanent result and some individuals has to bear with this fact.

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