Nine Dos In Fever

If you or any of your family members including your child or anybody you know, have fever, do not panic or be worried. Because, fever is actually a defense mechanism (although not a good defense mechanism), which try to tell us that our body is fighting against an external force (such as infection), which means, there is nothing wrong with the body physiology and it is working perfectly, by fighting the enemy (in this case, infection).

To know what fever is, read this article: what is fever?

If you or anyone of your family or friend develop a high temperature (fever) follow the dos mentioned bellow:

  1. Do keep the room temperature normal, if you are using air conditioner
  2. Do wear light clothing’s. Be comfortable and keep surrounding environment as normal as possible
  3. Do switch on then fan if required
  4. Do take plenty of liquid in the form of plain drinking water, fruit juice, soup to replenish the lost water through increased perspiration, through breathing
  5. Do eat a normal diet, which is easy to digest and which is able to supply essential nutrients
  6. Do cold sponging. Wipe the body of the patient with a soft cotton cloth soaked in cold water (or room temperature water). Wipe the lower limbs, upper limbs, forehead, abdomen etc. You may avoid wiping the chest as it may lead to feeling of cold. Alternately, the patient can be bathed in slightly warm water, which can reduce fever rapidly. Taking bath in cold water may cause constriction of blood vessels in skin and cool the skin, which may lead to shivering and heat generation and increase in body temperature
  7. Do take OTC (over-the-counter) medications at home, if available such as aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen etc. use them, but the dose should be adjusted according to body weight of the patients and the medication should be taken with some food and not on empty stomach. Taking aspirin, ibuprofen on empty stomach may lead to peptic ulcer. Avoid giving aspirin to young children, because it may have serious side effects in children
  8. Do consult your physician, if fever continues for more than a day or two
  9. Do answer all the question clearly asked by your doctor

Read the don’ts of fever in this article.

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