Know about Hemorrhoids Treatment

Know about Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Know about Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoid is a varicose veins (a varicose vein is an elongated and tortuous vein in any part of the body, common in legs, scrotum, rectum etc.) in the rectum. Hemorrhoid is a common problem and can occur is patients with infrequent stool or constipation, although there are several other known and unknown causes of hemorrhoids.

The best hemorrhoid treatment has to be decided by the individual who is suffering from hemorrhoids after learning about the advantages and disadvantages of every treatment modalities of hemorrhoids treatment. Your doctor can only give you suggestion about the treatment modalities available to you. But in general if your hemorrhoids is new and not troubling you much you can opt for medical management and if you hemorrhoids is long standing and have some potentially troublesome symptoms such as regular and heavy bleeding from varicose veins or there is protrusion of varicose veins through anus, you should think of going for surgical correction.

Hemorrhoids home treatment is mainly aimed at preventing the hemorrhoids to get worse and also to relieve symptoms at the comfort of your home. Treatment of hemorrhoids  at home should only be done if the hemorrhoids is in its initial stage and there is no protrusion of varicose veins through the anus. Treatment of hemorrhoids at home consists of use of prescription (NSAIDs or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen) or non prescription (such as acetamenophene) pain relieving medications, establishing healthy bowel habits, application of ice to relieve itching several times a day etc. Other methods which can help preventing the hemorrhoids becoming worse are avoiding standing for long duration, especially when hemorrhoids is irritated, avoid lifting weights, bed rest whenever required or possible, application of moist heat several times a day, avoid rubbing the anal area as it can worsen the already existing hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids treatment should never be neglected as it can cause potentially serious complications. Decide yourself, if you are the sufferer what treatment option is best for you after judging the risks of side effects and potential benefits the treatment modality you choose can offer.

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