Important Aspects about Sustained Release Medicine Preparations

Important Aspects about Sustained Release Medicine Preparations

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Important Aspects about Sustained Release Medicine Preparations

, Important Aspects about Sustained Release Medicine PreparationsYou bought a medicine (pill) from a drug store, e.g. tablet Voveran SR; confused, about what the SR means? You are not sure what exactly the meaning of SR is. Well most patients are confused with various terms used in medicine preparations (mainly oral medicine preparations or pills, i.e. mainly tablets or capsules).

Conventional pills (tablets or capsules) are designed to release the medication into the body (mainly gastrointestinal system) and absorption from there to systemic circulation rapidly and completely (although many medications are not absorbed fully and only a fraction or percentage is absorbed into the body).

However, Sustained Release (SR) preparations (tablets or capsules) are designed to release medication for much longer than conventional pills and for prolonged and sustained action. Most of the sustained release (or controlled release, extended release or ER/XR, timed release or TR etc.) pills are designed to release medication in a planned, predictable and slower than usual fashion.

Sustained release tablets are either coated or uncoated. They contain special additives or prepared by special procedures that modify the rate of release of the drug into gastrointestinal tract at a predetermined rate. e.g. omeprazole.

Sustained Release preparations are not only limited to oral medicine preparations. Injectable (injections) and topical (for local use mainly on skin) sustained release preparations are also available.

Why sustained release pills are made instead of conventional pills?

SR pills are made because Sustained Release (SR) pills have several advantages over conventional pills

  • Extended/prolonged duration of drug action can be achieved.
  • If a conventional medicine preparation has to be taken twice or thrice a day due to shorter duration of action, the duration of action of the same drug can be prolonged by making Sustained Release pills and single daily dose will be sufficient for continuous action throughout the day, which improved patients acceptability of the medication.
  • Reduce cost of medication, as lesser amount of drug and less number of pills have to be taken.
  • Maintain relatively constant plasma concentration of the drug and better result. Lesser side effects in Sustained Release preparations are claimed, because there is very little fluctuation of plasma concentration and much higher plasma concentration than required is not attained, unlike conventional preparations (conventional pills), because there is no rapid absorption of medication from gastrointestinal tract.

Sustained Release pills are designed to release some predetermined amount of medicine immediately (like conventional pills) for prompt therapeutic effect, remaining amount is released gradually, and continuously for over a longer duration of time, which is necessary for maintenance of therapeutic concentration for prolonged period for adequate therapeutic effect.

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