How top Prevent Nail Fungus Infection?

We all know when it comes to disease, it is always better to prevent than cure it. If a disease can be prevented (including nail fungus infection) it should be prevented properly as much as practicable. Prevention of nail fungus infection is not very difficult and one needs to be careful and have clear ideas how to prevent nail fungus infection effectively. After complete cure, if preventive measures are not taken you may suffer again and again with re-infection. The answer is to maintain good hand and foot hygiene.

The most important aspect of prevention of nail fungus infection is keeping nails (both toenails as well as fingernails) dry, short and clean, because fungus grows best in moist and warm conditions. Trim nails regularly and keep them short. Keep nails dry after bath and use dry powder if required. Use antifungal powder if required, which will keep your feet dry as well as prevent infection by fungus.

The following other steps can help to maintain good hand and foot hygiene.

  • Use of right quality socks is important. Use cotton socks which can help to keep your feet dry. Change socks frequently, especially if you sweat more. If possible remove your shoes and socks during day time. You can also use open toed shoes to keep your feet dry.
  • Use gloves made of rubber to protect your hands from overexposure to water for prolonged time. Change gloves often to keep your hands dry and aerated.
  • Do not walk barefoot, especially in public places such as locker rooms, pools etc.
  • Wash your hands well after touching an infected nail of yours to prevent spread of nail fungus infection from one nail to other.
  • Do not use nail polish and artificial nails to hide your unsightly nail fungus infection, as it can trap moisture under it and help nail fungus to grow better.
  • Do not pick or trim your skin near nails which can invite infection.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can prevent nail fungus infection to a great extent, if not always.

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