How CBD is Transforming Pain Management

Are you one of the millions of Americans who suffers chronic pain on a daily basis? Your condition might be due to a long-term injury or condition; you might have been in a car accident and injured your spine, or you might be suffering from a serious illness and find that you are in a lot of pain and discomfort. For some, their daily pain it is arthritis – for others, it’s rarer conditions like Marfan Syndrome.

Here’s how CBD has been transforming the world of pain management – and just what it can do for you if you are looking for an alternative to opiates.

Chronic Pain

A chronic condition is one that sticks around – we can define a chronic condition as something that is permanent and needs constant around the clock care. There are several reasons why chronic pain could become a problem: You might have a previous, nagging injury that causes you a lot of pain and discomfort since the injury, or you might instead be struggling with a condition that renders you in chronic pain.

Statistics for Opiates

When you go to most doctors, the first thing that they prescribe for chronic pain is some kind of opiate-based medication. You will likely have heard many of the names before. Tramacet and Tramadol are just two forms of common opiate-based medication that you might have already been prescribed by a doctor before – and you’ll know exactly how it makes you feel. 40% of opiate-related deaths are caused by something that was prescribed by a doctor – that’s someone you trust to give you the best option.

Why Natural is Better

If you’ve ever taken opiates before, and many people have been prescribed opiates in some form at least once, then you will know exactly how taking an opiate will make you feel. Many people find that it doesn’t take the pain away completely, but rather it either just dulls the pain or it dulls the way they people are feeling about the pain.

Opiates often cause side effects as well. For example, you can become constipated, cause damage to your kidneys, respiratory system and stomach – and you may also start to feel numb, groggy, sick and tired: These are all conditions that can be directly attributed to long-term opiate use, which some people consider their only option if they are suffering from chronic pain.

Natural is a much better option without experiencing any of the nasty side-effects that you would associate with taking opiates. If you’re looking for a good natural alternative, this guide covers the the best CBD oil to help manage your condition and your pain.

Marijuana is Useful, But…

Marijuana in itself is useful for killing pain, but did you know that it contains both THC and CBD among several other important compounds? You might be asking why people will opt for CBD oil rather than just choosing to use marijuana-based products directly. The reason is that CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, and that means you won’t get high using it.

This makes CBD perfect for people who want to stay completely clear-headed and still wanst to manage their pain at the same time. This is true for a lot of professionals who can’t afford to feel in any way, shape or form “stoned” or impaired at work. CBD oil also seems to have far less side-effects than you can associate with any opiate-based medications. That’s why trying a more natural route is often suggested to many people dealing with chronic pain issues.


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