Four Aspects to Look For While Comparing Health Insurance Plans

Four Aspects to Look For While Comparing Health Insurance Plans

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Four Aspects to Look For While Comparing Health Insurance Plans

, Four Aspects to Look For While Comparing Health Insurance PlansThese days there are so many health insurance plans are available, that it becomes difficult to choose one, especially if you are buying health insurance for the first time. This article is about four key aspects to look for while buying health insurance plan and it can help you to select best health insurance plan for you according to your needs. The four key and important aspects are doctor of your choice, any preexisting medical condition, costs and emergency & hospital care for you.

Doctor of your choice:

Many health insurance companies allow only their paneled (in their network) doctors. If you want to get treated by a doctor of your choice, make sure to check that your selected doctor is on their network. If doctor(s) your choice is not in the network, make sure to check the doctors in the network and check their credentials. If you are satisfied about the credentials of the network of doctors with the insurance company than only you should buy a health insurance plan.

Preexisting medical conditions:

Make sure that your preexisting medical conditions are covered and are not charged excessively for your preexisting medical conditions. Hopefully with introduction of Affordable Care Act in US, preexisting medical conditions are covered. But if you are not a resident of United States, make sure to check your preexisting medical conditions are covered fully before buying a health insurance plan.

Cost of health insurance plan:

It is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying health insurance. After all it should be affordable to you. You should also include copayments (these are the fees you have to pay from your pocket while visiting your doctor, hospitals and emergency rooms, despite possessing a health insurance) you have to make while claiming from your health insurance plan, along with the original premium.

Emergency and hospital care:

It is very important to know what hospitals (in your locality/city and elsewhere) and emergency rooms are covered under the health insurance plan you plan to buy. Find out if you need to call your emergency care physician before availing an emergency medical care (if you have to do so it is better to avoid such health plans). It is important to know the definition of a “medical emergency” under your health insurance plan, as it may not be the same what you think as a medical emergency.

These are very important aspects to consider before buying a health insurance plan, in which country you may live. Study different plans before buying one of them.

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