Foods that Make Your Skin Glow

If you suffer from acne, you may have spent countless hours scouring the internet for quick fixes like face masks and exfoliating scrubs. Turns out the problem might be in your diet.  Skin problems occur for many reasons, and everyone’s situation is unique.  For severe cases of cystic acne, genetics and hormonal issues are likely to blame.  However, adjusting your diet can revitalize your skin and reverse signs of aging for less severe pimple breakouts. Here are some foods that make your skin glow.


Tomatoes work wonders for the skin because they contain an antioxidant called lycopene.  Lycopene levels rise when tomatoes are cooked, and when eaten the lycopene increases the skin’s natural SPF.  While this is no replacement for actual sunscreen, tomatoes do strengthen the skin and make it more resilient to harmful UV rays.

Olive Oil

Not all fats are bad, and in fact some fats are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Compared to other oils, olive oil contained the highest amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, which is thought to help keep skin young and fresh.  Olive oil also contains polyphenols, which is an antioxidant that can protect the skin from destructive free radicals that can damage and dull skin.


You have heard it before that whole grains are good for you.  Oatmeal is a particularly heart healthy food that is good for cholesterol and supports overall heart health.  It can also be used in a variety of exfoliates and face masks.  Some people recommend creating a gentle acne scrub from oats to sooth irritated or itchy skin.

Dark Chocolate

You’ve likely been told foods to stay away from; some of us still begrudgingly ask ourselves: does chocolate cause acne? The jury is still out on that one for milk chocolate varieties, but dark chocolate fans can rejoice—dark chocolate is filled with cocoa flavanols, which are plant compounds rich in antioxidant properties.  These flavanols improve circulation to the skin to prevent skin from looking tired and dull, while it also hydrates skin to keep it youthful and glowing.  There are still competing opinions regarding the health benefits of dark chocolate, but the most important aspect is to eat dark chocolate with minimal added sugar.  Sticking to a small portion everyday will give you the added boost without the extra calories, and not to mention satisfy that sweet tooth as well.

Green Tea

Like olive oil, green tea is jam-packed with polyphenols that help hydrate and protect skin.  The polyphenols in green tea help the circulation of blood to help deliver nutrients to keep the complexion healthy and glowing.  Green tea is known to improve skin elasticity and smoothness, as well as reduce sun damage caused by UV light.

Leafy Greens

Dark uncooked leafy greens are an excellent source of nutrients for your body.  Kale, spinach, turnip greens, cabbage, chard, broccoli, and mustard greens are just a few of the numerous leafy greens you can incorporate into your diet.  Many of these vegetables are packed with vitamin A and C, which both help keep skin strong and firm.  Vitamin C contains antiaging properties by neutralizing free radicals, while Vitamin A promotes normal keratin development which helps turnover skin cells. Vitamin A has been known to treat acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


Fish is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Essential fatty acids have the effect of reducing inflammation in the body, whether it makes itself known by pain in the joints, muscle aches, or even headaches.  Inflammation can appear on the skin in the form of clogged pores.  However, essential fatty acids prevent the inflammation to keep skin protected.


Beef is another meat that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  Unsurprisingly, it also contains high amounts of protein.  Protein is not just good for building muscle, but it also aids in the production of collagen and elastin tissues in the skin.  Why add a collagen shot to your coffee for more money when you can have a tasty slice of sirloin steak? Keep in mind that it is highly suggested that you at only grass-fed beef, instead of beef treated with hormones.  The introduced hormones found in many processed foods can wreak havoc on your skin and body.

Work some of these healthy foods into your diet and make a difference in your skin health with ease.

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