Effects of New Healthcare Reforms in US

Effects of New Healthcare Reforms in US

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Effects of New Healthcare Reforms in US

, Effects of New Healthcare Reforms in USPresident Barrack Obama’s healthcare reforms are going to change the health care scenario in the United States in many ways. Only future can tell if the healthcare reforms are good or bad or the actual impact it makes to healthcare in US. Till then one can only speculate and study the pros and cons of healthcare reforms. As with any reform or any action there are good and bad things, the same is true for healthcare reforms too. One need to consider important aspects carefully for better understanding about what healthcare reforms can bring.


The coverage is going to be much better than existing health insurance can provide. A fixed percentage of health insurance premiums paid must be spent on healthcare, which is currently very low. After healthcare reforms health insurance companies can not deny health insurance to anyone. In the past insurance companies used to deny health insurance to people with preexisting serious medical condition such as cancer. Insurance companies were also in a habit of discontinuing health insurance cover to people who were diagnosed with serious medical condition. Which they can not do, most health insurance companies will consider this bad for their business.

Better availability of health insurance lower income groups:

Currently it is estimated that less than 60% people in US have health insurance and approximately 45 million people are without adequate health insurance or no health insurance at all. This scenario is going to change and more affordable health insurance plans are going to become available so that lower income people can buy health insurance according to their needs.

Better transparency in health insurance industry:

Currently there is lack of transparency in healthcare industry and health insurance. Previously many health insurance companies used to decide behind closed doors some unacceptable decisions such as taking off health insurance cover from someone who is terminally ill or diagnosed with serious chronic illness. The healthcare reform is trying to address this grave problem/situation created by health insurance companies.

It is really difficult to tell how the healthcare reform is going affect people of United States, which only time can tell. But there is certainly going to be lot of changes and some of the changes will be good and some not good.

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