Dr. Ashwini Anand of London Kentucky and The Good Heart Corporation: Quality Service for a Fit and Healthy Heart

Dr. Ashwini R. Anand has been a celebrated cardiologist in London, Kentucky for most of his professional career. Just like any other personal ventures, his journey towards success was met with obstacles and hindrances that almost made him give up. But the tenacity and motivation to be of service to the people has been in his heart for most of his life and is something that has kept him going through the years.

Dr. Anand´s journey started in India where he was raised by hard-working parents. Working as school teachers, they were able to raise a good son with whom they instilled the value of being of service to humanity.  Dr. Anand´s first name literally means ‘Doctor to the Angels’ in his native language. It has become his lifelong guide and the real purpose that allowed him to follow the path that ultimately led him to the US.

Studying in Chicago and completing his residency in the Cook County Hospital, Dr. Anand was able to hone his skills and expand his knowledge on how to manage complex cases involving cardiac conditions including life-threatening heart ailments and other cardiovascular abnormalities.

As an interventional cardiological specialist, Dr. Ashwini Anand has worked with several primary care institutions in and around Kentucky as well as Chicago. He has been an affiliate physician of Saint Joseph London, Memorial Hospital, Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, Wayne County Hospital, and the University of Kentucky Hospital- Chandler Medical Center Pavilion H among others.

A lot of people know him for a caring physician who would take his time to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible. He even sacrifices his precious time just to make a patient feel cared for in the hospital. Such as in one instance when sat beside a patient, held her hands and waited until her family arrived.

Before starting his group practice, Dr. Anand has been through a lot. He even started contemplating on giving up because of the constant stress and lack of sleep associated with his daily grind. The uncertainty of his immigrant status even added to his worries, but this did not stop him from living up to his values and dream of helping people.

To be of more service to the community, he and a partner cardiologist established the Good Heart Corporation. Focusing on South Central Kentucky, the team of experts provides exceptional cardiology care using state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive insurance coverage, and a team of experts providing the utmost service to Kentuckians.

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