Crazy Cloud-Chasing: Working With the Exact Vape E-Liquid

Crazy Cloud-Chasing: Working With the Exact Vape E-Liquid

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Crazy Cloud-Chasing: Working With the Exact Vape E-Liquid

No matter how mind-boggling and sturdy cloud making is, you still keep on asking questions on how to do it. And of course, with the right vaping equipment and juice, things go farther than expected.

You can chase clouds by having the right vaping equipment and e-liquid. But do not miss your creativity too. With how technology has made so many advancements, that is when the vaping industry has sprouted too. It is with the right equipment and even with a cheap e liquid which helps out the game. And by that, joining in competitions will lead you to victory.

Great Juices to Use 

If you want to create huge, beautiful clouds, then vaping is good for you. Here are some of the great juices you may consider.

o   Str8Six

Str8Six is one of the best brands designed for sub-ohmers. They do not only come out perfect when producing massive clouds but they also offer complex flavors. Each of the 15 ml bottles contains 6 mg of nicotine which is good for those vape enthusiasts who are looking for cloud-producing juices that shows only less percentage of nicotine., Crazy Cloud-Chasing: Working With the Exact Vape E-Liquid

o   Firebrand Sub-OHM

Dedicated vapers can choose sub-OHM. This is an e-liquid that contains both Rebuildable Atomizers and Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. The product is made with a VG juice that ranges around 70-75%. This makes cloud chasing much easier to make, aside from having pleasing flavors. 

o   Alloy Blends Electrum Density 

If you are seeking an equivalent luxury brand of e-liquid that is not too weighty on your wallet, then consider Alloy Blends Electrum Density. This will bring you fluffy clouds that will, with confidence, amaze judges. Electrum Density is loved by many vape enthusiasts because of how it works great aside from being less expensive.

o   Pure Organic Vapors

Just by the name of the brand itself, you are led to safe, tasty, and healthy e-liquids. Also, when it comes to nicotine content, that is optional here. Things go a long way here for vape enthusiasts as the brand only produces juices with the help of extracts. They even do not agree with artificial flavoring. This makes their juices tempting to taste.

o   Fa-Q Max-VG

Fa-Q is designed for dripping. It also contains rebuildable atomizers which help vape buffs work more with their passion aside from taking it as a hobby. This works great during cloud-chasing competitions. Additionally, you can use Fa-Q with tanks and clearomizers to hold more e-liquid than only using cartomizers or atomizers.

o   Vista Select Clouds Series

When it comes to a bargain-priced e-liquid, then Vista Vapors is for you. They have their series that ranged around 150 flavors. As for their standard juice, they give them around $4. Many are now using the Vista Select Clouds Series because they work prodigiously in dripping and creating clouds. With this specific series, they obtain five flavors having a range of 0-18 mg of nicotine.

Last Thoughts

There are a growing number of affordable cloud-cashing e-liquids today. Spotting the best one might be complicated but it takes reviews to help you with that. But of course, with the examples mentioned above, trying them out first will make you look for more. This is because they are some of the best bets for sub-ohmers who have gained considerable victory in competitions. Whether you are a new or a professional vaper, things go a long way when you choose the right e-liquid for cloud-chasing.


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