Complications, Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis A Infection

Hepatitis A infection may lead to complications in minority of patients. The most important although rare complication of hepatitis A infection is acute liver failure. Older age individuals and individuals with chronic liver disease are at higher risk of developing acute liver failure with hepatitis A infection. Some people with acute liver failure may require liver transplantation. Chronic or long term complication of hepatitis A infection is mainly chronic carrier state and continuation for the disease for long duration (months). During continued symptoms the patient keep passing hepatitis A virus in the stool and may infect others.

Treatment of hepatitis A infection:

Most of the patients with mild hepatitis A infection usually do not need any treatment. Patients requiring treatment for hepatitis A infection also do not need (or have) any specific treatment. Treatment of hepatitis A infection is mainly symptomatic. There is no effective anti viral antibiotics available for treatment of hepatitis A infection nor there any requirement of effective anti viral antibiotic. Your body’s defense mechanism will clear the virus on its own in due course of time. Hepatitis A infection usually does not produce any liver damage.

If you are suffering from hepatitis A infection, take rest (give rest to your liver too), remain hydrated, avoid fatty foods. It is very important to avoid alcohol completely and also avoid drugs that are metabolized in liver to give your liver a rest. Do not take any drugs (including over the counter drugs) without consulting your doctor. Eat well balanced diet (take several small meals daily instead of taking two or three large meals) containing fruits and green fresh vegetables for speedy recovery.

Symptomatic treatment include rest (most patients with hepatitis A infection are usually weak and tired and rest is required for them), nausea should be tackled with small and frequent meals and medications avoided.

What is the prognosis of treatment of hepatitis A infection?

Prognosis is excellent with rare complications and fatality. According CDC (center for disease control and prevention) hepatitis A infection is a disease with low mortality and in United States death rate is less than 4 per thousand cases of hepatitis A infection.

How to prevent hepatitis A infection?

Hepatitis A infection can be prevented by hepatitis vaccine and by maintaining good personal and environmental hygiene.

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