Best Foods to Reduce Belly Fat

Are you sick of your bulging tummy or belly? Try eating top belly fat reducing foods and reduce your belly fat. If you have a bulging tummy, chances are that you already tried various methods to reduce your bulging tummy (which may be embarrassing at times), but failed miserably. You are not responsible for failure. The reason for your failure is the physiological system of human body which makes our body deposit fats in the abdomen (belly) first and while utilizing (during lean periods, such as during fasting or dieting) the belly fat is utilized last. This simple physiology of human body makes the belly fat removal a tough job for humans.

But researchers have found out that certain foods tend to help in removing belly fats faster than ordinary food we eat daily. If you are facing problem in reducing belly fats from your bulging tummy, try eating the foods daily in adequate quantity, which can speed up the removal of belly fat.


These foods are rich in protein and fiber and have minimal fats. Ideal for shedding pounds and improve muscle tone and for reducing belly fat.


Vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and colored vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber. They also have very low fat content, if any. Eating vegetables (preferably only boiled) at dinner time can reduce abdominal fat. Vegetables contain very few calories (only 20-50 calorie per 100 gram depending on the type).

Oat meal:

Breakfast is ideal with oats cooked in water or with milk. Start your day with oat meal, which have low fat and high soluble fiber.


It is rich in soluble fiber and low in fat. Helps in reducing belly fat and reduce waist circumference.


This popular vegetable is available throughout the world. Tomatoes are rich in potassium, fiber and very low in fat. One must eat tomatoes for reducing bulging tummy. It contains low calories (20 calories per 100 gram). Tomatoes can be eaten raw, which preserves all the nutrients.

Green tea:

We all are aware of the health benefits of green tea. Green tea is rich in Polyphenols, which boost metabolism. Green tea is also rich in anti-oxidants. It reduces appetite.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is good for reducing belly fat. Add small amount of olive oil to your menu, which can help reducing your bulging tummy along with improving taste and flavor of your food.


Low fat yogurt is rich in protein and calcium and low in calorie (less than 80 calorie per 100 gram). Bacteria are used for making yogurt, which helps in bowel movement and also improve immune status.

If you are trying to reduce your tummy/belly, try all the above mentioned foods. Eat all the foods in adequate quantity to get the best result. Do not eat only a few of them (eat all foods everyday) and do not eat only occasionally, which will give no benefit in reducing belly fat. Along with eating the above mentioned foods, you also must avoid high calorie fast foods and oily foods. Avoid red meat too for best results.

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