Benefits of Drug Detox in California

Benefits of Drug Detox in California

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Benefits of Drug Detox in California

Going through a California drug detox program helps you restart your life on the right foot. No matter what substances you have addictions to, you know that when you stop taking those substances, you have a hard time getting through the day and doing all the activities that you usually do. This is because those drugs have a deep hold over you and a hold that you may think you can never move beyond. Before looking at these facilities and finding one for you or a loved one, you can look at some of the benefits of going through drug detox.

Better Relationships

The main reason addicts choose to detox away from home is because they don’t want to their loved ones to see them as they hit rock bottom. When you have an addiction and cannot use your substance of choice, you likely act out in ways that make the people who care about you not want to be around you. This can include yelling and screaming at them or acting out in violent ways. Facilities offer detox programs that let you go through this process away from home and without your loved ones seeing you.

Safe and Comfortable Environment

No matter how safe and comfortable you feel at home, you’ll feel much safer and more comfortable in a drug detox facility. These facilities offer all the comforts of home but let you get the extra care that you need. You’ll often detox in your own private room, and some of these rooms even have a private bathroom that you can use when needed. Once you finish with your detox and can handle being around others, you may move to a shared room to finish the rehab program.

Medical Intervention When Needed

You’ll also find medical and health care professionals ready to jump in when needed to help you finish your detox. As you detox, your substances of choice slowly leave your body. You’ll experience some select symptoms that vary based on the substances that you used. While some people suffer from stomach aches and pains that make them want to vomit, others experience dizziness, a rapid heart rate and insomnia. The doctors working in the facility can prescribe medications designed to reduce your symptoms. You may even want to enroll in a rapid detox program that lets you sleep while detoxing.

Fewer Symptoms

Rapid detox is a popular method used in some facilities today. The doctor gives you a medication designed to wean you off the substance that you usually use and another medication that puts you to sleep. This process reduces the stress that your body would otherwise go through. When you wake later, you’ll find that there are no remaining traces of the drug in your system and that you feel relaxed and alert enough to deal with your addiction recovery. Even if you choose a more traditional detox program, you may find that you experience fewer symptoms than if you detoxed at home., Benefits of Drug Detox in California

More Relaxing

Detoxing at home can be more uncomfortable than you ever expected or anticipated. While your loved ones care about you, they may do more harm than good. They may keep offering to take you to the hospital, try to gather all your favorite foods when you can’t handle food and try to talk to you when all you want to do is sleep. Detoxing in a professional facility lets you focus solely on your recovery without any distractions. These facilities will even keep your loved ones from visiting until you feel comfortable around them.

Improved Success

The biggest benefit to attending a California detox program is because it improves your chances for future success. When you detox at home, you may find that discontinuing your drug use is almost impossible because all the same temptations are there. The same people you bought from or used with in the past are just a phone call away, and all the same factors that led to your addiction are there too. Detoxing in a facility that specializes in drug addiction lets you avoid all those temptations and work on your recovery as soon as you finish detoxing.

Detoxing is an important part of your drug treatment program because it lets you wean yourself off those substances and start on your treatment with a clear head. The benefits of these programs include giving you access to medical specialists and helping you detox without experiencing as many symptoms as you otherwise would.


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