Are You at Risk of Dandruff?

Anyone may develop dandruff (as it is due to formation of flakes of dead cells of scalp). However some individuals are at greater risk of developing dandruff in compare to others. Some factors increase risk of developing dandruff, such as age of an individual, sex (males are more at risk of dandruff, than females), poor dietary habits, oily hairs and scalp, and some medical conditions may increase risk of developing dandruff.

Age may be a risk factor for dandruff:

It is generally seen that dandruff starts developing at the beginning of adulthood and continues till middle age. After middle age the problem of dandruff is usually less. However, it does not make elderly persons immune to dandruff. Some people suffer from problem of dandruff for lifelong. Anyone can develop dandruff at any time.


Males are at greater risk of developing dandruff than females (as more number of males develop dandruff). Some experts think, this may be due to effect of male hormones on scalp. Another reason of males having greater risk of developing dandruff is that they have larger oil producing glands on scalp than females, which may also contribute to greater risk of dandruff for males.

Poor dietary habits:

If your diet lacks certain nutrients (such as B complex group of vitamins, mineral zinc, certain types of fat etc.) you are at greater risk of developing dandruff. Make sure your diet contain these nutrients.

Oily hairs and scalp increase risk of dandruff:

Yeast like fungus malasazzia is a well-known cause of dandruff and malasazzia feeds and thrive on oil produced by your oil producing glands of scalp. Hence, if you have oily scalp and hair, you are at greater risk of dandruff.

Certain medical conditions may increase risk of dandruff:

People with certain medical conditions are greater risk of developing dandruff. People with psoriasis, eczema are at greater risk, as well as people with neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, are at greater risk to develop seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff. Patients of HIV infection (or AIDS), heart attack and stroke, and those with compromised immune systems are also at greater risk of developing dandruff.

When you go to see your doctor (dermatologist) for your dandruff, make sure to tell detail history, especially if you have started a new hair care produce recently, before developing dandruff and make sure to take the hair care product along to show it to your doctor.

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