Acai Berry: The Superfood

Acai berry is actually a palm, known as acai palm. It belongs to Euterp genus of palm and grows about 15 to 30 meters tall. Acai berry is a native of central and South America from Belize to Brazil and grows in swamps and floodplains. The species Euterpe oleracea is called Acai Palm; the word ‘acai’ is derived from ‘iwasai’ meaning fruit that expel water.

Acai berry fruit has many nutritional ingredients like antioxidant, anti cancer, anti bacterial and antimutagenic (do not cause mutation of cells and can not cause cancer) substances. Acai berry products have many health benefits like acai berry boosts energy levels, fights free radicals which causes cancer, provides many essential vitamins and minerals, improves GIT (gastro intestinal tract) function, strengthen immune system of body, slowdown aging process of cells, improves the sexual desire and sexual performance, etc. acai berry has many more medicinal qualities like improves blood sugar control in diabetes, improves glowing of skin and younger looking skin, prevents atherosclerosis (deposition of cholesterol in the walls of arteries and prevent heart disease), improves visual acuity. Acai berry also improves sleep disorder and helps in insomnia; it has capacity to improve mental clarity and focus. Amazonian tribes who eat acai berry regularly are very healthy people than us. Acai berry is very rich in high quality proteins, has essential fatty acids like omega fatty acids, lots of essential minerals and vitamins, high fiber content, very good antioxidants; in other word it is truly healthy food which contain all the healthy ingredients.

Now a day’s one can buy acai berry and acai berry products online. The internet is providing tons of acai berry information and one can get all information required about acai berry in the internet. Acai berry is truly great and wonderful healthy food which should be consumed by every body, young and old, men and women.

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