A Practical Guide to Contact Lenses on a Budget

 Whether it’s glasses or contact lenses, finding the most affordable eyewear is something that many of us struggle with. Here are a few quick steps to find the most affordable contact lenses on a budget.

Know your prescription

When it comes to contact lenses, knowing your prescription is helpful in more ways than one.  Some places sell lenses, others do not; this is where knowing your prescription can really benefit you. Once you get the relevant info from the eye specialist at your health fund or optometrist, research which stores stock the brand and type you need. Call ahead to confirm they have them in stock and before you know it you have saved time, effort and (if you’re lucky) money.

Shop around

Experienced eyewear consumers know what works for them. They know what suits them, what is most effective and what feels the best. Our advice? Don’t settle for the first place you find that stocks your favourite products; SHOP AROUND! Many eyewear outlets have all their deals listed online. For Example, OPSM offer a Subscription Value Plan that you can order online, with a 10% discount and automatic refills. This option would be useful if you are pressed for time and know what you need, but can’t get into the store. Shopping around eye-care providers, chemists and online can assist you in finding the best deal. Look at chemists for extra solution as well, but make sure any solution you buy is compatible with your lenses to ensure their longevity.

Shipping Deals

If you are buying your contact lenses online, look for sellers that have deals, offers or free shipping on purchases. Whilst a convenient option, online shopping has the risk of the wrong product being sent out or the product being damaged, so keep this in mind when shopping online for contact lenses. Even when the best care is taken, mistakes can happen –never forget the in-store option.

Buying online versus buying in-store

As discussed above, various eyewear outlets and chemists will have different deals and price points.

When buying contact lenses, there are various factors to weigh up. Consider cost and time, whether you know what you need or require professional advice, whether the store has your prescription in stock or not, the possibility of spending a few more dollars or going online and scoring a deal or free shipping and wait for them to arrive.

In the case of ordering online, you take the risk of prolonged wait times so have a backup pair of glasses just in case. When buying in-store, you can get what you need and in optometry places such as OPSM you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re buying exactly what you need.

Get the most out of you lenses

OPSM have a few handy tips on caring for your contact lenses, to ensure you get the longest life out of them. Knowing your prescription is an important factor when it comes to buying on a budget, but also knowing what you use them for is useful, and can help guide you to the best places and deals to suit your lifestyle.


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