A Good Diet Plan for Underweight Individuals

A proper diet plan is essential for bringing body weight of an underweight to normal and to maintain it within normal range. The diet plan should be individualized, as no plan can be used for all the underweight persons. The diet plan should be of the liking of the person and easily available and can be prepared easily. The diet plan also should be according to the region, customs and traditions of that region. Along with proper diet physical activity and regular moderate exercise should be done to make normal weight gain longer lasting.ID-100372704
The following diet plan can be used by underweight persons to gain weight to normal:


It can be with bread, omelet or boiled eggs, porridge and fruits like apple or any fruit juice.


It should be with tea or coffee with biscuits.


It should be with whole grain cereals (like rice), vegetables (according to local availability), salad, fish or meat (any type of meat, but preferably white meat).

Evening Tea:

It should be with fruit juice (banana shake or milk shake etc.), tea or coffee and sandwich (preferably vegetable sandwich).


It should start with soup. The dinner should consist of whole grain cereals, pulses, vegetables etc.


At bedtime custard or fruit cream can be taken before going to bed.

The following points should be remembered while preparing a diet plan for underweight persons:

  1. The intake of food and calorie should be increased gradually over time, instead of starting the high calorie diet plan immediately. By increasing the food intake gradually the appetite of the underweight person can be build gradually, which will make it easier to consume more food for weight gain.
  2. Meals should be small and frequent, instead of taking large and a few or infrequent meals a day.
  3. Forceful feeding (especially in underweight children) should be avoided, as it may give rise to physical and mental problems.


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