5 Signs Your Partner Has An Unhealthy Relationship With Alcohol

5 Signs Your Partner Has An Unhealthy Relationship With Alcohol

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5 Signs Your Partner Has An Unhealthy Relationship With Alcohol

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably concerned about your partner’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol, and wondering if they might have a problem. Even though you may be hesitant to intervene because you don’t want to start an argument, it’s best to intervene for the sake of your partner’s health, and for the sake of your relationship. If you think there’s a chance your partner might be an alcoholic, don’t ignore the warning signs., 5 Signs Your Partner Has An Unhealthy Relationship With Alcohol

Substance abuse can negatively affect a relationship, and deteriorate one’s general health and well-being. A “normal” or “healthy” relationship with alcohol, such as only having a couple of drinks at a special event and the odd glass of wine with dinner, contrasts greatly from someone who has a drinking problem. Drinking every day and during activities that most people can enjoy sober are only some of the signs of an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Here are some very real signs that your partner’s drinking might be a problem:

  1. They only initiate and enjoy sex when they’ve been drinking

If your partner feels the need to be intoxicated in order to have sex, this is a sign that your partner has developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Alcohol reduces our inhibitions and allows us to “let loose”, so it’s natural to feel more sexually liberated when we’ve been drinking. However, if a pattern develops where your partner either needs to be drunk to have sex, or only seems to want and be comfortable with sex when they’ve been drinking, this is a red flag to pay attention to. Even though some people do enjoy sex more when they’re intoxicated, it illustrates a problematic drinking habit because suddenly, they’re relying on alcohol to enjoy something very important: sex with their partner.

  1. They can’t seem to socialize without alcohol

While your partner, like many people, may like to drink during social situations, they should be able to socialize and have fun without alcohol. If they can’t or won’t socialize and have fun sober, they’ve definitely started using alcohol as a crutch during social gatherings.

You may even have noticed your partner bringing alcohol to events that don’t necessarily need it. For example, if your partner is bringing alcohol to meet friends at the beach, or to movie nights with friends, there’s a problem. Watching a movie or relaxing at the beach are examples of activities where it’s normal to be sober. These aren’t activities your partner should be needing to drink during.

  1. They have gotten into scary situations while intoxicated

If your partner has made a bad decision by driving their car while intoxicated, or gotten into a physical fight while intoxicated, these are examples that prove an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. If your partner was a responsible drinker with a healthy relationship with alcohol, they’d never drive while under the influence. They’d never drive drunk and risk hurting someone or getting a DUI. A knowledgeable DUI attorney at the Noll Law Firm explains: “Many people don’t understand the consequences of a Driving Under the Influence charge. These serious consequences include prison sentences, loss of employment, and loss of driving privileges.” You certainly wouldn’t wish these consequences on your partner, or anyone for that matter. If your partner tends to drive under the influence, they simply shouldn’t drink, and they should seek alcohol treatment.

  1. They’ve lost or strained relationships with their friends or family due to their drinking

Has your partner had a falling out with certain friends or family members of theirs, who say it’s because of their drinking? Perhaps their loved ones have said that their personality changes for the worse when they drink, and they’re tired of it. Have people in their life expressed concerns about their drinking, or distanced themselves because of the drinking? Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your partner’s friendships where certain close friends have distanced themselves, and now your partner is spending more time with friends who are also heavy drinkers.

  1. They drink alone or hide their drinking

If you catch your partner drinking alone quite often, this is another red flag. Perhaps you come home to find them sitting on the couch with an almost-empty bottle of scotch on the coffee table. Does this happen a lot? And, do you find that they attempt to hide how much they drink from you? If someone is lying about how much they drink, it’s a sign they’re aware that they’re drinking too much. When someone is ashamed of something, they’ll try to hide it, and that’s a clear sign they have a problem.

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