5 Reasons Why an Aged Care Facility is Safer than a Home for the Elderly

Aged care facilities are a great way to ensure that an elderly person is well taken care of and not at risk from their surroundings especially after undergoing medical treatment. Aged care homes get subsidies from the government in order to make sure that the standards of healthcare are met properly and the elderly residents are kept safe. There are a few reasons why an aged care facility is safer than a home for the elderly.

1. There May Be Too Many People in a Home for the Elderly

While an elderly home may be providing adequate levels of care to the elderly, there may just be too many residents in the elderly home to give each and every individual the personalized care that they need. The elderly home may not give specialist attention for medical needs, an aged care facility can provide the same and more individualized care such as care for elderly residents with dementia, palliative care, and more.

2. More Care, Less Cost

The cost of care at an aged care facility is subsidized by the government which means that when though you are getting the full amount of care for your elderly relative, making sure that they are kept safe and far from risky environments, you will not have to bear the full extent of the costs.

Since elderly homes are more of a lifestyle decision where the elderly are transported to the facilities regardless of them having an illness or not, it is not a given that they may be receiving any extra care from the facility that they might from an aged care home.

There may be no additional nursing staff to help with specific medical care conditions, whereas, at a nursing home, since the institution is devised with optimal care in mind, specialized care will be available to the residents. Plus, the facility cleanliness and decorum will be maintained.

3. Background Checked Staff Available

It is crucial for the Safety and Mobility of the residents of an aged care facility to have the right equipment from www.safetyandmobility.com.au designed for the needs of the elderly. This includes having background checked nurses. The quality of an aged care home depends on good quality nurses and it reflects on the institution itself. It helps one determine whether it’s the right option for your loved ones. The background checks can be carried out more easily thanks to technology.

4. Cleanliness is Checked Often

All areas of the aged care facilities like bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are cleaned regularly by diligent and background checked staff. This allows them to curb the incidence of infections and diseases so that the safety of the residents is kept in check.

5. Wandering and Elopement is Kept in Check

With 24-hour availability of nursing and care staff, it is better to opt for aged care facilities than a home for the elderly because they will be able to identify and cater to individualized needs and issues such as wandering and elopement more effectively.


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