5 Common Types Of Orthopedic Surgeries For Treatment

5 Common Types Of Orthopedic Surgeries For Treatment

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5 Common Types Of Orthopedic Surgeries For Treatment

Pain from the spine, hips, knees and shoulders can be limiting to any individual. To fix these issues, orthopedic surgery offers an effective option to relieve injury related disability or chronic pain. It can be daunting to learn about the various types of treatment available to you. Your medical professional will be able to advise you on other options before deciding to go with surgery. Generally, they will recommend fixing everything from your text neck to stretching properly. However, if you are thinking about having an orthopedic surgery done, there are many types to choose from. Below, we have covered some of the common types of orthopedic surgeries that patients choose to relieve their pain., 5 Common Types Of Orthopedic Surgeries For Treatment

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery can fix many issues related to the shoulder joint. In fact, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. Many individuals suffer from chronic shoulder instability where the joint dislocates from the shoulder socket. This chronic dislocating can lead to excessive pain and repeated occurrences. In these types of cases, orthopedic specialists can perform a number of types of surgery, including replacing parts of the shoulder or repairing torn ligaments that keep the shoulder from sliding out of place. When necessary, this common surgery takes away chronic pain from patients with this shoulder condition.

Hip Fracture Surgery

When a hip fracture occurs, it is common that the patient may undergo surgery for treatment. These types of fractures can be caused by high-impact injuries like a car accident or other serious trauma to the body. To treat this medical emergency with a trauma surgery, surgeons have tools and plates to secure the hip bones in place while the body’s blood vessels and tissues heal. While the recovery process can be quite lengthy, the surgery can save the bone tissue from dying. Moreover, it could save the patient from long term pain from the hip and lower body areas. Considering the nature of this injury, surgery has become a common treatment for hip fractures.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Next, orthopedic surgical treatments include reconstructing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). This is the primary ligament that stabilizes the knee joint. When the ligament is torn due to athletic activities like running, jumping or twisting the knee in a certain way, it ruptures and may require surgery for treatment. In the surgery, an orthopedic doctor removes the ligament and replaces it with your own tissue to create a new ACL. Using screws, the ACL stays in place and the knee begins to heal naturally while holding the ligament in place. In the long run, this surgery can keep patients walking and moving comfortably.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

Another common orthopedic surgery, ankle fracture treatment can fix one or more of the bones that are included in the ankle joint. While one bone breaking might not require surgery, multiple breaks within the ankle could create instability. In these cases, a specialist may recommend surgery to align and support the angle. This can facilitate the healing process and make sure that the ankle bones are growing properly. Again, surgeons can use various tools to keep the bones fragments in place. If you are suffering with a badly fractured ankle, this surgery is a common type of treatment.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

For back pain caused by compressed or constricted nerves, minimal invasive surgery is a common treatment. Using the latest techniques, surgeons can perform spine surgery while only creating a 1-in incision in the patient’s body. This is a dramatic difference to traditional invasive surgeries. It can remove spine anatomy that is creating pressure on nerves. As a result, the nerves can be restored to their proper state, relieving the patient of pain and benefitting your spinal health. If recommended for this type of surgery, you can join the thousands of people every year who undergo the treatment successfully.

There are many types of orthopedic surgeries available. Specialists offer expertise in the various surgeries and may advise you on the method of treatment to take. If you do suffer from pain of the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle or spine, you may want to ask about surgery as a treatment option. The common types of orthopedic surgery can replace entire joints like the shoulder or knee. Or, it can reattach broken hip or ankle bones. Additionally, orthopedic surgeries can solve spinal related pain by constrained nerves. These are some of the types of orthopedic surgeries that patients seek treatment for.


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