3 Best Qualities of a Hydration Belt for a Perfectly Fit You

A hydration belt is a kind of running belt that is designed to focus on carrying water or any liquid bottles. These belts are perfect for short and long runs, or just doing your own exercise. But to know what is best for us, there are suggested features that we need to consider before buying one, and what are these?

Before we discuss what qualities we are looking for, let’s know first the three major types of these belts – single, double, and a multi-bottle hydration belt that handles three to four bottles. You would also need to take note of how far you usually like to run and if you consume a lot of water.

Best qualities of a hydration belt

  1. Comfort and fit

You don’t want a running belt to bounce and up and down or rub your waist, while you are doing your physical activity. So convenience and the right fit are a priority here, and there are three primary considerations to check this.

  • Lightweight

Belts that are already made heavy can give inconvenience. We always want to do our exercise with the lightest weight that we can carry as possible. Weight can affect our routine and can cause early tiredness, so choose those that are lighter.

  • Breathable mesh material

Breathability of straps is also significant. You are likely to run under the heat, so breathable straps are best for this. An additional number of mesh strips makes this breathability happen.

  • Adjustability

The exact fit around your waist is what we usually look for, but it is much better if we can make some adjustments at times. A super tight belt is too much though, so find those with perfect adjustability.

  1. Storage

Storage of a hydration belt comes in two parts – bottle holders and a pocket.

  • Bottle holders

You need to thoroughly check the holders if they are tight enough to hold the bottles or if they are too loose for the bottles.

  • The pocket

Before checking out gear pockets, you must remember what items you usually carry with you, so a pocket’s space must be enough, at least, to carry your essentials.

  1. Accessibility

If you carry more than one bottle when you run, it is important to check whether you can easily access them when you need them. One significant thing with accessibility is that you must know if you can easily pull the water bottles.

Several belts don’t include bottles, and these kinds are not recommended because you need to find bottles that perfectly fit the belts. So this will be another bother on your part. While if you purchase those with bottles, these belts are already designed for flasks that have a perfect fit.

With these features, having a hydration belt that is suitable and just right for you is one of the best decisions in your fitness life. Water is the best solution for us to keep hydrated, so better bring the right amount that your body needs and consumes when you are achieving your ideal fitness.

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