Diet Plan For Fever


Fever brings along loss of appetite with it. During fever it is important to eat balanced diet too, to hasten recovery. Due to lack of appetite eating adequately may be a problem. Hence, a proper diet plan for fever patients is essential. Children are worst sufferer during fever, because due to loss of appetite, they do not want to eat normally. A diet plan for fever should therefore be appetizing along with nutritious. During fever immunity is usually low, hence diet should help in improving immunity. It is important eat all meals during fever and not go hungry, just because your appetite is low. Eat light and frequently during fever.


Many experts on diet believe that breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. Even during fever, you should eat a good and heavy breakfast. Your breakfast should consist of a glass of fresh fruit juice, a glass of milk with honey, toasts of bread. You can add almonds (or other nuts) and a plate of fresh fruit. Add tea or coffee if you like in your breakfast.


Lunch should consist of vegetable preparations along with easily digestible whole grain foods such as well cooked rice, porridge, few slices of bread. Add yogurt and boiled eggs too. Protein rich foods such as fish, poultry, etc. can be added to lunch in small quantity. Avoid large amount of protein rich foods. Add beans in your lunch. Read more…

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Change Your Life With These Four Health Tips


Life is not merely living, but living in good health. You can do many things to live healthy. Improve your physical and mental well-being (i.e. health) and live happy and contented life. The best way to motivate a person is to set an example and you too can set an example of healthy life and motivate your friends and family members to lead healthy life. Following simple tips, if you adopt in your life, will make you healthy for as long as you live:

  • Eat natural foods. Your health is what you eat. Your food should be made of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lean protein (such as fish) and whole grain cereals (such as brown rice, whole wheat flour/bread, whole grain flour). Your bread should not be only of whole grain flour, but it should also be devoid of preservatives and without added sugar. Along with taking natural and fresh food items, it is also important to avoid refined and processed and canned or packaged foods, which usually use preservatives, flavoring agents, extra sodium salt (sodium is good preservative) and various other harmful ingredients, although permitted under law. So, read labels carefully before buying a food item from your grocery store.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of plain water throughout the day. Do not make it a habit of drinking lots of water for a particular time of the day and remain without adequate water the rest of the day. It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Drink a glass of water at least every two hours during your work. Drinking plenty of water is healthy in more than one way. It keeps your skin glowing, body joints lubricated, flush out various toxins that are produced in way of metabolism etc. Sports drinks are okay after strenuous exercise, but avoid them for regular consumption. Drink no less than 2-3 liters of plain water per day.

Read more…

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Ten Fun Ways to Burn 200 Calories


Burning calories is not always a tough job and it always does not involve training or sweating out at gym and exercise. You can burn lots of calories while doing things you like or while doing routine household chores. To reduce weight you need to eat healthy along with increased physical activity. But, increased physical activity, need not have to be inside a gym, it can be at your home and with your many routine work you do. Here are some ways to burn 200 calories and with fun.


Your skipping rope may be sitting ideally in your store room. It is time to take out your skipping rope and start skipping. Get into your snickers and start skipping. 15 minutes of skipping is equal to 200-250 calories burnt. No reason why you should not skip for 15 minutes.

Wash your car:

Instead of going for a costly car wash, try washing your car yourself. Take a bucket, scrub, soap and start washing your way of burning 200 calories. 40 minutes of car washing approximates 200 calories.

Gully cricket:

Instead of sitting in front of TV to watch useless program, call your friends and get engaged in a game of cricket in your nearby ground. Do not forget to take your cricket equipment. It is a great way to burn 200 calories. 50 minutes of gully cricket will burn more than 200 calories.

Play football:

Playing football is certainly better than playing cricket, as far as burning calories are concerned. Playing football for only 20 minutes can burn 200 calories. What a way to burn calories! Read more…

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The Top 5 BetterGenix Products


Tired of feeling sluggish in the afternoons? Looking for a way to boost your immune system and improve organ function? BetterGenix products can help you with everything from digestion to blood sugar, but first you’ll need to decide which of its supplements is right for you. Here are just five options if you’re ready to take control of your health through all-natural means.

1: CholestGenix
As you get older, your cardiovascular health should become one of your top priorities. But what if you’re just too busy to regulate your diet and jog every day? CholestGenix will take care of your heart with ease thanks to its artichoke and red yeast rice additives. If you’re looking for a product that will strengthen your arteries without inconveniencing your life, CholestGenix is it.

2: DigestGenix
DigestGenix is for the regulation of your body’s digestive system. An organic, gluten-free product, it contains both magnesium and n-acetyl glucosamine so you can get out of the bathroom and back to your regular life. The allergic should note that it also includes ingredients from shrimp and crab, so check with your physician before taking more than two capsules a day.

3: LiverGenix
Unless you enjoy a completely raw diet, there’s a good chance that you’ve picked up toxins, pesticides and chemical additives from the food and produce you buy. LiverGenix is just one way to remove these features from the body, flushing the system of the unwanted and promoting better, healthier liver function for all. Read more…

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Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad – The Options Are Many And Affordable!

Have you ever considered opting for dental treatment abroad? It seems you could be part of a growing trend…

Avoiding waiting lists, whilst also sitting in the sun or soaking up the local culture seems like the dream solution and there is a growing list of treatments available including;

  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry such as whitening and veneers
  • Crowns
  • Bridges

dental rx

The advantages

There are many benefits to travelling abroad for treatment…

  • No waiting list – many people opt for dental treatment in Poland, for example, as the waiting list to have corrective treatment is too long
  • Cost – there is no doubt that for the same high quality treatment and service, the cost of dental work in Poland is far cheaper than in the UK
  • Attractive location – there are many countries that offer dental services and treatments, and it is not uncommon for patients to select to have treatment in a country that they consider ‘exotic’ or may have always wanted to visit. Through, customers enjoy a city break in the delightful city of Krakow, as well as treatment.
  • Experienced, qualified and professional dentists and dental teams – the English-language dentists we use in Krakow, Poland are all highly trained, using the latest in up-to-date dental techniques and treatments.

Read more…

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Finding a Good Blog for Yacon

With so many people raving about the great effects of yacon syrup, people have started to really develop an interest in going and seeking out the product for purchase. Unfortunately, when you start buying a product that is popular, you will run into many people who are selling the product but not selling what they are claiming to be. Their product may not be made with 100% natural ingredients, and it may not give the promised results. For this reason, it is helpful to read the YaconSyrup101 Blog to find out everything you need to know about yacon before you begin.


Why will a blog help me make a decision?

  • Talks about different products

Since there are more than one product made with yacon syrup, there is a need for a place that tells you details about each product and what they specifically are designed for. A blog is a great place because you can read about everything without having to continually search!

  • Gives reviews from real people

We have all had the experience of visiting a website where a product is being sold and feeling like the reviews were written by the designer of the website. You want a blog that is different and that has unique individuals writing their blog posts. These people can give you true insight into their experiences and review the products that you are looking at.

  • Gives advantages and disadvantages

The nice thing about blogs is that not only do the blog articles look at the negatives and positives of each product, but the reviews do the same. You will read the good and the bad, which allows you to make an informed decision. Read more…

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