Some Facts About Baby Acne

Baby acne, as the name suggest develops in the skin of newborn infants. Common site of appearance of baby acne include, cheeks, nose, forehead etc. although they can appear anywhere in the face. Baby acne is not uncommon and usually do not last long and temporary in nature and disappear within a few months. There is no way to prevent baby acne and in most of the cases no treatment is acne

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What are symptoms of baby acne?

Baby acne usually appears as small red bumps or pustules on a baby’s face. Generally they appear within two to four weeks of age (neonates).

They look like adult acne and it is not difficult to diagnose baby acne even by parents. There is no specific test for diagnosis, as they are easy to diagnose by looking at them.

Treatment of baby acne:

The best treatment of baby acne is to do nothing i. e. no treatment is required, as they typically disappear within few months of their appearing. However, if you are concerned and think that they are more serious than usual, you should consult a doctor. Also, if they do not disappear within a few months after appearing and are stubborn, you should consult your doctor, who may prescribe a local medicated ointment/cream for baby acne treatment. As your baby’s skin is very delicate, never try over-the-counter (OTC) ointments/creams for treatment of baby acne, it may cause serious harm to your baby. Read more…

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These May be Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol consumption and alcohol addiction (alcoholism) is very common. Many people try to bury their sorrow in alcohol. However, alcohol is unique in one way, people drink when they are happy (to celebrate) and people also drink when they are sad and full of sorrow. No other thing or substance has this unique distinction of be used in happiness and in sadness.

When you cannot live without drinking alcohol, you can safely assume that you are an alcoholic. However, to know if you or someone is alcoholic, especially at early stage of alcoholism, you need to know some important facts about alcoholism, which will help you to recognize alcoholism early.

In the United States alone, more than 17 million people suffer from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence. Unfortunately many of these alcoholics are not aware that they are alcohol addicts/abuser, which makes the situation worse. There are five major signs of alcohol addiction/abuse, which can easily help to identify alcoholics. They are:

  • One becomes highly tolerant to alcohol, i.e. the person can drink large quantity of alcohol (increasingly higher amount) without showing obvious signs and symptoms of drinking. This person can drink much larger quantity of alcohol than others and still do not show much signs of drinking.
  • Another very important sign of alcoholism (alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence) is presence of withdrawal symptoms of alcohol when the person is not drinking. That means, when the person is off drink for a few days, he/she shows withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. Common withdrawal symptoms of alcohol include anxiety, insomnia, trembling (especially of hands and digits), sweating, nausea and/or vomiting, irritability, depression, fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be potentially life-threatening in some people and may include withdrawal seizures etc.

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Avoid These Things, as They May Spoil Your Smile

Your smile can be your great asset and secret of your happiness too. However, there are certain simple/subtle/common things which may spoil your teeth and as a result spoil your precious asset, smile. So, it is important, you know these things that can spoil your smile and avoid them.

Soft Drinks:

Many people are fond of soft drinks, especially during hot weather. Whenever they find an opportunity, they consume lots of soft drinks. Soft drinks contain large amount of sugar, which can result in tooth decay, gum infection and cavities. Many soft drinks can also stain your teeth, if you consume regularly. Some preventive measures can help preserve your smile and also let you enjoy your soft drink (if you are really fond of), such as drinking through straw, rinsing mouth with water thoroughly immediately after drinking soft drink or chewing sugar-free chewing gum after soft drink. It is also important not to brush your teeth at least for one hour after taking soft drink to preserve your teeth and smile.

Hot drinks:

Drinking hot tea or coffee, especially black tea/coffee can result in stained and rough surface of your teeth, which is due to deposition of stain in grooves of enamel of your teeth. This may even retain bacteria that lead to tooth decay and bad oral health. To avoid dental health problem with hot drinks, consume them in moderation and add milk in tea and coffee. Also drink lots of water and rinse mouth with water after tea/coffee. Read more…

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These Common Conditions May Spoil Your Teeth and Smile

You may be proud of your smile and your sparkling white teeth (which are good assets). However, you may not be aware about the fact that certain common conditions may spoil your smile. You may not have control over certain medical conditions, but you can certainly take precautions to preserve your precious smile from harmful effects of these conditions on your smile. These conditions are:


Well, diabetes is a common disease and in many countries diabetes has reaches epidemic proportion (it is so common). However, you may not be aware of the fact that diabetes can spoil your precious smile in various ways. Diabetes reduces immunity and makes the individual susceptible to various infections, including gum infection. Periodontal diseases are common among diabetes patients and visiting your dentist regularly can be of great help in maintaining good oral health. Other measures you can take to preserve your smile, if you have diabetes are brushing and flossing regularly as advised by your dentist. Keeping blood sugar under control is crucial not only for diabetes control, but also for good oral health. You also need to check cholesterol and triglycerides and keep them under control with medication and proper diet, if they are high. Good gum health can even reduce the total requirement of insulin as seen in some studies.


Puberty is time for hormonal changes. Many changes occur in body during puberty. Most common is appearance of acne. However, many people are not aware that puberty can result in gum swelling which make plaque formation more common and easy. The risk of gingivitis, gum infection etc. is also high during puberty. However, all these generally occur if you have poor oral hygiene. To prevent such problems and maintain your smile, maintain good oral hygiene. Read more…

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How Alcohol Affect Your Body?

Wondering why every time you drink less than your friend, but you end up having more hangover and you get more drunk than your friend. If this is the situation, it is time you try to understand how alcohol affect your body. Also your friend may drink much more than you and still more sober than you. The following may explain your doubt.

Your gender is an important factor:

When it comes to digestion and effect of alcohol on your body, your gender may play an important role. Nature has played the trick here too (if you are a feminist) and women’s body is less efficient in metabolizing alcohol than men. The enzyme responsible for break down (metabolism) of alcohol, aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) can work less efficiently in women than in men, which makes alcohol to get accumulated in body. Similar quantity of alcohol in women will take much longer time to metabolize than in men.

How much you have eaten before drinking:

It is important factor. If you drink on empty stomach, alcohol will get absorbed into blood stream faster than drinking on full stomach. Hence, if you have food and alcohol in your table, do not drink fast and then eat, but eat first and then drink. Because, if you drink first, by the time you start eating, the alcohol is already in blood stream and you are already drunk. Food will have not much effect at this point. The type of food you eat is not important (although many people say eating oily and greasy food is better). Read more…

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These Five Common Things May Spoil Your Smile, Which You May not be Aware of

Smile is a great asset, provided you have sparkling white teeth. If your teeth are not up to the mark, your smile may be a liability indeed. To keep your teeth sparkling white and healthy too, you need to take care of your teeth and visit your dentists every 6 months. However, these may not be enough, because some seemingly simple things may spoil your sparkling white teeth and spoil your smile and your great asset and you may not be aware of, because they are such common and simple things.

Bottled water:

One may not find a person who does not drink bottled water. But, this simple bottled water may not be good for your teeth and smile. This is because, most bottled water do not contain fluorine (if present it will be reflected in the label, hence, do not forget to check the label of bottled water before drinking it), which is essential for preventing tooth decay, however, excess fluoride/fluorine in water also cause damage to the enamel of teeth. Most drinking water supplies contain adequate fluorine in it to prevent tooth decay.

Brushing your teeth at wrong time:

We all know that we need to brush after every meal. Well this is true, but not complete truth, because it may not be applicable every time. Depending on what you eat and drink, brushing after food may not be the best idea. For example, after consuming food or drinks containing high concentration of acid, such as wine, coffee, citrus fruits, and soft drinks, it is best to rinse with water to neutralize the acids and wait for at least an hour before you brush your teeth. Because brushing immediately after consuming these foods with high acid may cause erosion of teeth. Read more…

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