Beware of “Shadow Diseases”

ID-100131949Some medical conditions tend to run in pairs, i.e. if you are suffering from one particular disease, for unknown reason the risk of getting another seemingly unrelated disease is higher than usual, and the second disease is known as “shadow disease”. Hence, if you are aware of the shadow diseases, you can take preventive measures to remain safer. Sometimes the shadow disease is more serious than the primary disease. Examples of shadow disease include, hypertension and diabetes, migraine headache and heart attack or stroke, metabolic syndrome and kidney disease etc.

The causes of a second disease or shadow disease are damage by primary disease, which leads to second disease, genetics, poor health habits such as lack of exercise, poor eating habit, smoking etc.

  1. Hypertension and its “shadow disease” diabetes:

The risk of getting diabetes is much higher among hypertensive individuals, although both are unrelated diseases. However, there are certain common risk factors present for both hypertension and diabetes, such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habit (excess animal fat and lack of fiber, vegetables and fruits). Recent studies are showing that hypertensive individuals, especially in case of uncontrolled hypertension, the risk of developing diabetes is double than normal.

How to protect yourself?

If you have high blood pressure, get your blood glucose checked. Treat hypertension optimally and maintain it within normal range as far as practicable. Lifestyle modifications, such as quitting smoking, increase physical activity and regular exercise, limit salt intake, reduce body weight (if obese) to normal (BMI of 18-25) and healthy eating can help reduce risk of hypertension as well as diabetes. Read more…

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The General Consensus On Nootropics

Nootropics have become very popular over recent years. They go by many names including memory and enhancing supplements, neuro enhancers, smart drugs, intelligence enhancers and cognitive enhancers. The goal of nootropics are to improve a person’s mental ability in some way. These ways include the user’s memory, alertness and motivation. They have become popular since has been found that certain supplements can improve brain function in unique ways. After extensive studies, doctors and medical professionals have begun to combine concentrated amounts of these ingredients into a pill form which people can take to help improve their mental functioning capacity.


Nootropics are generally not required to be prescribed by a doctor. They can be bought at stores and over the Internet. Nootropics generally do not present any danger if they are taken in combination with other drugs or if someone takes too many of the drug. In most cases, the body will naturally process out any unused ingredients that they take. Because they are safe, they’re not regulated in the same way that normal medicine is.

The general consensus on nootropics is varied. Some argue that there is not enough proof to show that nootropics can reliably increase a person’s brain function, while others will swear by it. In most cases, it will come down to the individual person. Not all neuro enhancers will work for everyone in the same way. It is up to the user to figure out whether or not taking a supplement like this is right for them.

They may also find that some supplements work better than others. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can try several different nootropics to see which works the best for you. As you do this, make sure that you do not over consume them and allow time to pass between each supplement that you switch to. Read more…

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Why You Should Pursue an Online Nursing Degree

The decision to attend a college or other secondary schooling for additional education, or to go back to school, isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Going to school takes a lot of commitment. There’s not just your time to think about, but also the amount of attention and effort required to attend class, study, and work hard to obtain good grades and achieve academic goals. Still, if you’re determined to further your education in order to further your own goals, then post-secondary education is the way to go.


If becoming a nurse or obtaining a similar position in the medical field is of interest to you, then one option is to obtain your nursing degree, and to get your education online in order to do so. There are many advantages and disadvantages to online education, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. For one thing, if you are busy with family and/or work, attending classes online is something that you can neatly fit into your already busy and perhaps complicated schedule.

More and more students are turning to online courses for their educational needs. Today’s online courses really are just as good as offline ones; you simply need to make sure you check into certification and verification of the schools you are considering. Once you have found a school that meets your needs, consider your options. Some schools are online-exclusive, meaning that all of their courses and other educational offerings are online only. Others do offer traditional offline classes, so if you are local to school you may be able to check in personally with educators and other students. Interactive seminars may be offered online if you prefer group studies; you can also connect with other students and professors one-on-one for individualized studies and tutoring. Read more…

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Good Health, Good Eating: How Hygienic is Your Favourite Cafe?

You might love its croissants, cappuccinos and croque monsieur paninis, but how hygienic is your favourite cafe?

Like a covert invader, germs and bacteria could still easily be lurking on seemingly clean surfaces – and causing your health damage in the process.


Indeed, without the right attitude from staff, the likelihood that you’re eating in a pit of filth is huge.

So, how can you find out about your favourite cafe’s hygiene policy?

Check their rating

In the UK, the government has made it simple to discover how clean a cafe is – they’ve handed out ratings that should be displayed in an easy-to-see place in eateries everywhere.

The ratings range from one to five, taking in factors like general cleanliness, the condition of food storage and the general quality of meals. In essence, it gives you an overarching knowledge of how clean a cafe actually is.

It’s a great way to reassure you that a place to eat won’t be swarming with bugs. And if a cafe isn’t displaying its hygiene rating, you can check its score online.

Ask the staff

Effective staff are the front line for any cafe, battling against the day-to-day blight of germs and bacteria. Read more…

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Hypoglycemia and How to Prevent Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia means low blood glucose level. Different individuals may experience signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia at different blood glucose levels (i.e. some individuals may experience symptoms at 70 mg/dl and some may experience at 65 mg/dl). Hypoglycemia is an emergency condition and need prompt raising of blood glucose level, either by injecting intravenous glucose, or 5% dextrose or by ingesting glucose powder. If treatment is delayed and blood glucose level remain low for long, brain function becomes abnormal and there is risk of serious consequences, such as unconsciousness, seizure, coma, permanent brain damage (because glucose is the only fuel for brain to function) and even death.


What is hypoglycemia?

For diabetes patients, under treatment with oral anti-diabetic medications or with insulin, simple demonstration of low level of blood glucose define hypoglycemia. But, for non-diabetic individuals, the diagnosis of hypoglycemia can be made if Whipple’s triad is satisfied, which include symptoms of hypoglycemia, a low blood glucose level and correction of symptoms of hypoglycemia after administration of glucose in any form. Read more…

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Is it alright for me to refill my Prescription by email if that’s the Easiest way for me to do it?

In the past, getting a prescription refill could mean trips to your physician and to your pharmacy to physically collect the prescription and drugs yourself. It wasn’t always the easiest process as you may not have felt well enough to do this and your local pharmacy may not have been open at suitable hours for you to attend.

Of course time and technology has moved on so it stands to reason that the process should have become a lot easier. So what if the easiest way to order your prescriptions is by email? Most of us have access to the Internet these days, either in work or at home, so this is often the case. You can easily shop around for an online pharmacy like Chemmart when it comes time to actually purchase your medication/

Lots of ways to order a refill

Refilling a prescription is a lot simpler these days to match the modern world that we live in. All you need to do is pick up a phone, or go online and it’s done in a couple of minutes. Your physician may even have a direct link to the pharmacy so your prescription is directly processed. If you don’t want the inconvenience of having to continuously order a refill it’s also possible to set up an auto refill process so that no ongoing action is required.

Is corresponding by email about my prescription safe?

Most people are aware that there are sometimes security issues with sending emails so you may be concerned about information concerning your prescription being seen by the wrong people. Pharmacies can help overcome these problem by asking you to register online in order to be able to refill your prescriptions by email. Read more…

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