Your Bad Breath Could Be a Sign to Cut Back on Sugar


The negative effects of too much sugar in the diet have been known for a long time. As easy as it is to become addicted to the sweet stuff, too much sugar can have truly devastating effects on your health. It leads to tooth decay, cavities, weight gain, and eventually to many debilitating medical conditions. One thing that many people don’t know, however, is that sugar can lead to very bad breath. Recently, major international health organizations have officially recognized the tendency to overuse sugar. The United Nations, for example, changed its recommendations regarding sugar, cutting their recommendation in half.

Foods Likely to Cause Bad Breath

Some foods are well known when it comes to bad breath; onions and garlic, for instance. Others are harder to pinpoint. The number one type of food on the list of foods that cause bad breath is sugary foods. Others include:

  • acidic foods
  • foods that dry the mouth
  • any food left in the mouth
  • foods with strong odors

Sugary foods, whether the sweet stuff is in the form of sugars or starches, provide a tasty breeding ground for those bacteria that occur naturally in the mouth. This leads to rapid reproduction of the smelly bacteria. This bacteria also leads to plaque on the teeth and gums. In order to avoid this smelly problem, make sure to brush and rinse after eating sugar foods. It is also a good idea to reduce consumption of sugary treats and drinks. Read more…

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Tramadol – Uses and Benefits


Tramadol happens to be one of the most common medications used to relive patients from moderate pain. A kind of analgesic, it changes the way body responds to pain. This alteration causes in the bio – mechanism of the body causes the pain to go away thus giving a feeling of relief. Tramadol, also known as Utramol is often recommended for fibrolysis. A combination of R and S stereoisomers, it is often combined with paracetamol for better results – buy tramadol online here.

Uses and Benefits     

Used for pain killing, it is often referred to as the one known as opiate agonists. The main function is to change the way body senses pain. Prescribed as an immediate release tablet (100, 200 or 300 mg), it is soften prescribed to patients with chronic pain who require long term treatment. It is something which has to be taken as a whole.

It is also good in treating pain caused due to osteoarthritis if taken for a period of 3 months on regular basis. It must be understood here that it’s only a painkiller and in no way treats osteoarthritis permanently. Usually well tolerated it may cause side effects like nausea, constipation, dizziness, headache, drowsiness and vomiting.

The effectiveness of this medicine is equivalent to morphine; however in case of severe pain it is slightly less effective. It effects at a peak of 3 hours and its effect lasts up to 6 hours. However, the onset of painkiller begins only within one hour of taking the medicine. Read more…

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Avoid Sugary Foods To Prevent Bad Breath


Bad breath is one of the most common oral health problem people face. Halitosis is the medical term used for bad breath. Halitosis is unpleasant smell in breath, when a person speaks of breaths out. Halitosis occurs due to presence of bacteria that produce foul smelling chemicals in the oral cavity. There are various causes of growth of foul smell causing germs in mouth such as presence of food (one of the common causes of halitosis), coating of tongue, gum disease, plaque etc. Good oral hygiene can solve the problem of halitosis to a great extent. Good oral hygiene means, brushing after every meal or at least two times a day (after breakfast/lunch and after dinner), flossing daily, cleaning tongue and using mouthwash to rinse mouth.

But, only good oral hygiene may not be enough to keep halitosis away for some people. Because various foods (such as high sugary foods) can lead to development of halitosis. In fact a not uncommon cause bad breath is sugary foods. Hence, despite maintaining good oral hygiene if you suffer from bad breath, it is time to find out if you are taking too much sugar in your diet.

Sugary foods are the most common culprit of halitosis, when other dental or oral cause for halitosis is ruled out. Hence, it is important to keep sugar out of your diet, if you suffer from halitosis. Sugar is the most common food for bacteria and presence of sugar makes it possible for bacteria to multiply quickly and cause bad breath, by producing chemical that cause bad breath. Presence of sugar also help bacteria to build up plaques and coat gums, which are also common causes of halitosis. If you eat sugary foods, make sure to brush properly and floss after eating to keep halitosis away. Read more…

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Variety of Essential Oils to Choose from BareEssential


Essential oils have its name for amazing uses in daily care. It pampers our skin and alters your mood by using the respective oils. Earlier essential oils were only used for health aliment but nowadays, these are found in our dressing rooms favoring as an aromatic scent or as a cleansing solution used in our household. The biggest surprise is that essential oils are not only valuable but also cheaper compared to other products.

How to Use Essential Oils?

If you are new to this type of oil and have lots of questions running in your mind, you should straightaway visit for more details. This site is an online repository which stores all the information related to the aromatherapy and essential oils. This can also be used as online stores where you can buy the type of oil you think best suites your skin. Thus BareEssential consists of both relative information about oils and also an e-commerce site for adding oils to your cart.

What Can I find in BareEssential?

As already discussed above, this site has the information about essential oils that are safe to use undiluted. But apart from that, BareEssential has got a lot for us to gain. It has neatly arranged chronological order of essential oils according to the alphabets. You just have to find your perfect oil from the efficiently segregated group. Suppose, if you choose am item, a separate web page appears, dedicated particularly for describing that oil. Since essential oils are basically derived from plants and flowers, you can find the gracious look of the plant or a flower in the left corner from which the oil is derived. In the corresponding alignment you find the price details and it helps you select the number of items in the cart. Read more…

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Ten Habits That Make You Obese


There are several common habits many of us have, which can make you obese or overweight. So, watch out the habits that can make you overweight or obese and ideally avoid them to remain fit.

  1. Eating too fast: Many of us have habit of eating too fast, may be because we are too busy, as we live in fast-paced world. If you eat too fast, you end up eating too much rapidly, before you realize that you have eaten too much. Our brain takes 15 to 20 minutes to signal feeling of fullness of stomach; hence if you finish your meal in less than 15-20 minutes, you may have ended eating extra. Eating fast is a risk factor of metabolic syndrome, which is combination of obesity, hypertension and insulin resistance (lead to diabetes). So, take your own time and eat slowly and enjoy the meal and get satisfaction of eating and at the same time avoid obesity.
  2. Love for fast food: if you love fast food, the risk of obesity is very high. In fact. Popularity of fast food is one of the important/major causes of increasing obesity. Fast foods contain high fat and calories and make you obese.
  3. Your friend circle can make you obese. If you have friend who are fond of eating fast food, you may also end up eating them when in their company and many such habits, that your obese friends have. Some scientists are accepting obesity as socially contagious.
  4. Using credit card too often: study by VISA, found that people paying bills at restaurants using credit card spend average 30% more than people paying in cash, which end p adding more food and more calories. So, when you go to restaurant next time do not forget to pay cash. Read more…

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Tips to Prevent Heart Attack


It is possible to reduce the risks of heart attack and prevent heart attack, even if you have advanced CHD (coronary heart disease), by lowering the risk factors of heart attack. To reduce risk factors of heart attack, it is important to start a heart healthy lifestyle and get ongoing care for related medical conditions (such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia etc.).

Start a heart healthy lifestyle and prevent heart attack:

Heart healthy lifestyle includes eating the right types of foods, avoiding wrong types of foods and getting regular exercise done. Eating right is actually not only for heart health, but also for overall better health. Your diet should have variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals. Your diet chart also should include fish, low fat milk or milk products, beans, peas, lentils, legumes etc. If you are fond of meat, take not more than few servings of lean meant, poultry etc. per week. Right eating should be combined with avoiding wrong/unhealthy for heart type of foods. Avoid foods that are rich in cholesterol, trans fat, saturated fats, high sodium or salt and added sugar.

Being overweight or obese is a greater risk factor of heart attack. Work with your doctor and trainer to reduce body weight. Regular exercise is important for healthy heart and important measure for prevention of heart attack. Do not strenuous start physical exercise suddenly. Start slowly and gradually increase time and level of physical activity. Sedentary lifestyle is an important risk factor of heart attack, so be active physically.

Along with eating right, and regular exercise, giving up bad habits such as smoking, excess alcohol intake (however, moderate alcohol intake is good for heart health, but never overdo it) are also important in preventing heart attack. Read more…

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