Your Stuff Is Bringing You Down

Your Stuff Is Bringing You Down

Your Stuff Is Bringing You Down

Everyone has experienced clutter at some point. Whether it was a cluttered desk, family room, or bedroom, it’s bound to happen sometimes. Clutter, although easy to ignore, can be detrimental to your mental health and should be tidied up frequently.

You might be wondering how a messy desk can wreak havoc on your mind. Luckily, there are a few well known reasons for this and they can be explained in a few short paragraphs. So, to help you understand why that desk needs to be cleaned up, here are a few reasons that clutter is bad for your health., Your Stuff Is Bringing You Down

Sensory overstimulation

Too much clutter leads to your sense being overstimulated. This can work against your concentration, since your mind will be trying to focus on too much at any given time.

Difficulty relaxing

In close relation to sensory overstimulation is the difficulty relaxing. Starting the day off with a pile of papers in your face, or stopping to take a nap but having to find your house keys first (because they’re lost in the clutter) can make it hard to relax. It’s easier to unwind when the house is somewhat clutter free and things can be found without too much searching.

Brain signals

Unconsciously, when we have a cluttered area around us, our brain sends signals that our work isn’t complete. This happens despite the fact that we may have already decided not to do any more cleaning for the day. Most of us choose to ignore these impulses, but sometimes they can prevent us from getting a good sleep or relaxing until the clutter is cleaned up.


If having a cluttered home or work space doesn’t bother you on a daily basis, it still might when a guest decides to drop by. Surprise visits from friends or family can make us feel guilty for not being more organized or for not having our spaces clean and free of mess. This guilt can cause anxiety, sadness, and embarrassment.

So, how can we avoid the harmful effects of clutter?

Get rid of it once and for all. It starts with some simple cleaning. Enlisting the help of trusted friends and family to help you declutter an area can not only get the job done faster, but reduce the anxiety that comes with tackling a large mess alone. After the job is done, you and your helpers are left feeling accomplished and proud, as well.

Another alternative is to hire a professional hauling company like Arizona Junk.  These types of removal companies allow you to rid yourself of unneeded items without lifting a finger.

The key is to take an honest inventory of your belongings. If the item hasn’t been used in some time get rid of it. Don’t hold onto stuff just because it has value. If you’re not going to use it, or haven’t used it in the past year, why keep it? Go through your backyard, garage, bedrooms and closets with this mentality. Letting go of clutter is a liberating experience that you will not know until you do it.

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