Your Guide In Getting To Know Water Flossers

About water flosser

It’s also called an “oral irrigator” and is a gadget that gives you a new intelligent way to floss. You’re not going to use threads water flossers anymore, because the water flosser will make the most out of a high-pressure jet of water that will clean in between your teeth. With string floss, we’re only talking about limits. You’re just one click away from the top countertop water flossers.

It works this way: they do the digging job deep into your periodontal pockets, a place where the manual flossing cannot get. They take out the pieces of food and other particles. All of this, with a massaging action that takes care of the gums – it makes them healthier and stronger, and even pinkish.

When it comes to string flossing, you cannot do it correctly on the back of your teeth and on those teeth which are far away from the opening of the mouth.

To bring even more good pieces of news, the water jet is too strong that it will get rid of your dental plaque. And don’t get us started on braces, just get a water flosser.

Water Flossers vs. Electric Toothbrushes: which one is better

When it comes to this comparison, we’re going with the first one. A study has been made on this matter, putting face to face a water flosser and an electric toothbrush. The difference is indistinguishable. The benefits of a water flosser include healthier and stronger gums, whiter teeth, an excellent cleaning of the places you cannot reach by using the traditional way of floss, and it’s better than an electric toothbrush.

What are the parts of the water flosser?

The water tank

This is the container that holds the water together. Some people put in it diluted mouthwash or lukewarm water instead of cold water. The tank can have 30-oz worth of capacity or even less. It is transparent, or blue, which is also the most common color.

The water tips

These are slanted pipe-like parts with a small diameter. This is the place from where the high-pressure stream of water comes. The designers even did color-coded tips in case more than one person is using the same water flosser. These tips come in different types, such as an orthodontic tip and a toothbrush tip.

The pressure control

To handle the water’s pressure, the water flosser is complete only with a pressure knob. There is only one exception, and it comes with shower and faucet flossers – they’re directly connected to the source of water, so the pressure is controlled through the faucet or shower control.

The handle

Most of the water flossers come with a handle. It has an on and off switch and a pause button – this way you can control your flossing process.


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