Woke up with a Stiff Neck? Follow These 10 Steps to Fix the Problem

From time to time, everyone wakes up with a stiff neck. It’s a very common problem and hardly ever anything to worry about, generally fading and disappearing after a few days all on its own. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a nuisance, and you may find your everyday routine becomes almost impossible to deal with, as your mood takes a dark turn for the worse, affecting everyone around you. Don’t be that person. Rather, test out these 10 steps below to alleviate your pain, and hopefully avoid this terrible affliction ever happening to you again.

1. Medication

For short term relief, there is no harm in looking into over-the-counter painkillers or muscle relaxants. Of course, always read the label, and don’t rely on medicinal support for days on end. Instead, reap their benefits in conjunction with the other suggestions on this list for maximum results.

2. Applying Heat or Ice

As there is no one-size-fits-all answer, play around by applying both hot and cold solutions to your stiff area. Heat is known to relax tightened muscles, which you can utilize via a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or even simply by soaking in a hot bath. On the other side of the temperature coin, an ice pack can numb the pain whilst restricting any lactic acid buildup, so choose your own adventure.

3. Change Your Pillow

If your pillow is to blame, you are not going to get any better, so change this item of bedding immediately. Your goal is to find the perfect support for your spine, so stop stacking a mountain of cushions beneath your head, and rather locate one or two firm pillows which work to keep your frame straight. Try your best to avoid sleeping on your stomach, and if all else fails, invest in a memory foam pillow. Change Your Pillow or Mattress If your pillow or mattress is to blame, you are not going to get any better, so change these immediately. Your goal is to find the perfect support for your spine. HouseMethod’s mattress reviews will give you a clear picture on which mattress will work best in keeping your spine in alignment

4. Sit Up Straight

Just like your mommy used to tell you, be aware of your posture throughout the day, as this will not only help your stiff neck re-adjust itself back into health, but may be the very reason why you found yourself in this predicament in the first place. Furthermore, getting into a habit of regularly stretching could make all the difference to your mornings.

5. Reduce Activity

As with any injury, the best move you’ve got is to not move at all. Do not lift heavy items, skip any intense sporting sessions for the week, and even get someone else to drive if you can, as the ability to turn your head whilst in traffic may be imperative to your survival. That said, low impact exercises like swimming or yoga may be exactly what you need.

6. Neck Stretches

Stretching is always one of the first solutions people will suggest to you, and this is for a good reason. By cautiously pulling at your muscles’ flexibility, you will slowly loosen up those painful areas and hopefully improve your movement throughout the day. Gently nod your head back and forward, then tilt it from side to side, and finally, turn to look from left to right. Repeat these motions as often as you feel comfortable with.

7. Massages

Of course, getting a full body massage would be the ideal answer to almost any of life’s problems, but for many people, there isn’t enough time or money in the day to fulfil this dream. However, by investing in a massage roller, one can achieve much the same results all by themselves. Slowly roll the foam over the tender spot with gently applied pressure, and work on the knots for no longer than 60 seconds. However, if you feel any sharp pain, stop immediately.

8. Don’t Wear a Neck Collar

Back in the day, collars were prescribed for just about any neck pain, under the theory that this area should be incapacitated until it was fully healed. Nowadays, it’s a much more common belief that for minor injuries, the healthier approach is to keep your neck loose and mobile, unless otherwise instructed.

9. Check Your Anxiety

If your day to day existence is particularly stressful right now, this could be the tension threat which is currently attacking your body. Take some time off, or speak to a counselor to discuss your options, looking to find the simplest way to tackle this issue.

10. See a Doctor

Finally, if the stiffness has not improved after a few days, go and see your physician. It’s rare, but sometimes a tight neck could be a sign of a bigger problem, such as a pinched nerve or a slipped spinal desk. Rather be safe than sorry, and even if it turns out to be nothing, at least that’s one less pain in the neck to worry about.


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