Will a Facial Steamer Benefit Your Skin?

Will a Facial Steamer Benefit Your Skin?

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Will a Facial Steamer Benefit Your Skin?

There are many treatments available that may help to improve the look and feel of your skin, and one of the most popular is the facial steamer. This device steams open pores so that topical lotions, skin serums, and facial washes can be absorbed more effectively by the skin. While facial steamer treatments are popular in spas all over the world, you may benefit from having one in your home as well. Before you purchase a facial steamer, however, you may want to learn how it works and what it may and may not do for your skin., Will a Facial Steamer Benefit Your Skin?

How a Facial Steamer Works

A facial steamer includes several different components, including a water reservoir, a rubber or silicone disc designed to fit the face, and in some models, a timer that allows for more effective treatments. When the unit is turned on, the reservoir heats up the water, much like a coffee brewer, and then releases it up through the funnel as steam. This system is typically more effective than covering your head and face with a towel over a sink of hot water, and because the disc is designed to fit the face, it is usually more comfortable.

Some facial steamer models include exfoliating sponges and other types of extra tools that may help you perform steam treatments more efficiently. Depending on the type of steamer you buy, you may be able to use your favorite beauty tools during your treatments. It is wise to compare facial steamers before you buy to ensure you choose the one that best suits your skin’s individual needs.

Treating Acne with a Facial Steamer

If you suffer from blackheads or chronic non-inflammatory acne, a facial steamer may help to reduce breakouts. Blackheads, whiteheads, and other types of acne are caused by bacteria on the surface of the skin and because of clogged pores. Excess sebum, which is the natural oil that the skin produces, cosmetic residue, and environmental toxins can all clog the pores. Blackheads occur when the clogged pore remains open and the tip of the debris becomes oxidized, making them visible to the naked eye.

Using a facial steamer may help to eliminate blackheads because the heat draws away the debris trapped inside the pore and brings it closer to the surface of the skin, where it can be removed with a cleanser designed to fight acne. You may want to keep in mind that certain types of acne can be genetic and should only be treated with the guidance of a dermatologist. If you want to learn more about how genetics play a role in your health, consider connecting with experts such as Dr. Harry Stylli for further insight.

Reducing the Signs of Aging with a Facial Steamer

A facial steamer may be beneficial in helping you fight the signs of aging. As the skin ages, it does not shed skin cells as efficiently as younger skin, and as a result, older skin may appear dull or discolored. A facial steamer may help you remove dead layers of skin on the surface of your face with more ease, improving its appearance. A facial steamer treatment may also temporarily tighten your pores, causing them to look smaller.

Using a facial steamer may also make anti-aging skin serums more effective. Steaming your skin before applying a cream or serum can help open pores, which might make facial products more productive. Remember to read all product labels carefully so you do not accidentally damage your skin or cause irritation that may be difficult to cure.

Keeping your skin healthy can be a challenge. However, a daily facial steamer session may give new vibrancy to tired, aging skin and help you look your best.

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