Why Everyone Should Know First Aid

First Aid. You don’t realise how important it is until you’re up the creek, in the woods, or down the mineshaft with a broken toe and a blood nose. ‘Blast. Why did I never bother to learn first aid?’ you might well ask. As you should. Basic knowledge of First Aid Management can mean the difference between life and death- for both you and your loved ones. First Aid Management can help sort you out.

The stats back this up. Your chances of surviving a heart attack increase exponentially when CPR is properly administered. Given that the vast majority of us have our heart attacks in non-hospital settings, you’d better hope like hell that there’s someone in your vicinity who’s done a first aid course should you find yourself in this unfortunate but not uncommon situation.

First aid, of course, encompasses a good deal more than just CPR. Treatment of snake bite, burns, wounds, and spinal injuries- knowing what to do in the immediate aftermath of such scenarios can make an enormous difference as far as the severity of the injury is concerned. When you consider that a spinal injury can become full blown paralysis if incorrectly handled, it’s hard to avoid the simple reality- we should all be schooled in first aid.

Feeling anxious? I certainly am after all that doom and gloom. There’s a simple way to allay those anxieties, though- find out where to get a good first aid kit, and then- please!- learn what to do with it. You don’t want your first aid kit to wind up like that $699 dress you bought for parties. An unworn dress won’t kill anyone. An ignorance of first aid might.


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