Why Chemical Peeling Is Done?

Why Chemical Peeling Is Done?

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Why Chemical Peeling Is Done?

, Why Chemical Peeling Is Done?Chemical peel is done on skin, to re-surface the skin using a chemical solution to remove top layers of skin. After doing chemical peel on skin it regrows back that is smoother and younger looking. Chemical peel is done to remove skin wrinkles, scars, skin color and mainly done on facial skin. Chemical peel cannot remove deep scar or it cannot reduce size of pores of skin. The procedure can be used alone or along with other cosmetic procedures.
Depending on the result one desires chemical peel can be light (or superficial), medium or deep. Different chemical is used for different types of chemical peel. In general deep chemical peel provide better result, however the recovery time for deep chemical peel is also much longer than light or medium peel. Depending on your problem your doctor may recommend you any of these three types of chemical peeling for you.

Why chemical peel is done?

It is done for treating various skin problems. Light, medium or deep chemical peel is done for different skin problems, depending on the need for the problem,

  • Light chemical peel: a superficial or light chemical peel is done to remove the outer layer of skin, i.e. epidermis, which is actually layers of dead skin cells. Commonly superficial chemical peel is done for treating pimples, fine wrinkles, dryness of skin, uneven skin tone etc. mainly in face. Generally light chemical peel is done once a week for up to six weeks according to need and desire of person using the procedure.
  • Medium chemical peel: this type of peel removes epidermis and also upper layer of dermis. Medium chemical peel is done for removing acne scar, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. One may need to do medium chemical peel once a year (every 12 months) to maintain the best result.
  • Deep chemical peel: this procedure removes epidermis and also mid layer to lower layer of dermis. Deep chemical peeling may be recommended when you have precancerous skin growth, deep wrinkles or scar tissue. As the procedure removes layers (mid to lower layers) of dermis, the recovery time is longer.

There are certain risks and side effects of chemical peel. Hence, think properly before deciding to use chemical peel for your facial skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone etc. and consult your doctor about the alternatives available for your problem.


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