Which Is Best Birth Control Method For You

Which Is Best Birth Control Method For You

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Which Is Best Birth Control Method For You

When it comes to birth control it is not possible to say this method is best for you (or anybody). Even in same individual, according to different situation and different age the best birth control method may be different. So, for every individual also, different situation means different birth control method. You should be at ease with preferred birth control method, so that you can use it easily and reduce risk of unwanted pregnancy. But, you should know which is best for you in different situation., Which Is Best Birth Control Method For You

Dating a person who is not long term partner:

Whatever may be your age and sex, condoms are must for preventing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Hence, be always ready with condoms, you never know when you might need them. But condoms have higher failure rate (leading to pregnancy and STDs) and you should always be ready with a backup method, if you use condom for birth control. As a backup you can use pills or vaginal ring, which works just fine and also have added advantage of preventing certain cancers (in case of pills). As a backup you can also use IUD (intra uterine device) or implant.

Infrequent sexual encounters:

If you are engaged in sexual encounters, but infrequently, condom or diaphragm are the best methods for this. Both provide spot birth control as well as protection form STDs. Alternately you can use pills or IUDs.

Totally done with kids and completed family:

Your best bet is permanent method of contraception, bilateral tubal ligation (also known as tubectomy) for women and vasectomy for men. Another reason for permanent contraception, in many countries such as India Govt. (govt. job holders) and many companies provide incentive for adopting small family norms with permanent contraceptive methods. So, go for the benefits. You can also opt for IUDs and implants for birth control after completing family.

If you are a new mom and do not want to get pregnant again soon:

In such a situation, IUD or implant provide good solution for your birth control, because you can be tension free. Because they will not have any effect on breastfeeding. If you are not breastfeeding, you can opt for pills.

If you want to have baby one or two or more years later:

You need birth control that is reversible and do not have any after effect on pregnancy or health. You should also be able to stop the birth control method without any hassle. Ovulation should start after short interval of stopping the method. Condoms suits well, but failure rate is high. Pills are also good option, because pills can be stopped any time and ovulation usually returns within two to three months/cycles after stopping the pill.

During perimenopause:

Many can use birth control pills safely during perimenopause, but estrogen (present in pills) in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women can increase risk of breast cancer, and should be used cautiously. Hence, the safest option is to go with a progestin-only method. IUDs, permanent sterilization are also good options for perimenopause time.

Hence, it is important to understand the risk of pregnancy involved and the situation to determine what birth control method suits best for you.

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